Top 5 Walk-In Showerhead Designs you are Going to Love

Top 5 Walk-In Showerhead Designs 

Since the invention of walk-in showers, we have come a long way. A decade ago you could brag about having a walk-in shower and everybody was impressed. Today they tell you ‘Yes, you have a walk-in shower, that is great. But what kind of walk-in showerhead design do you have?’. If you are an elderly person, modern bathroom revolution with walk-in bathtubs for seniors is just the thing you need.

Walk-in showers have become a new standard in modern bathroom design. What matters is not if you have one or not, but what kind of design it is, if it fits into your bathroom, how does it enhance the look and feel of the place. As fashion designers always work to create the new fashion revolutions, so do intern designers spend lot of time improving, making most sleek and creative walk-in shower designs.

You don’t have to have a huge bathroom to fit a walk-in shower in. We’ve prepared you a list of top 5 walk-in showerhead designs that fit any bathroom, because they tend to take less than 2 square meters of space. But above all, they have innovative design and will relieve you of stress by just looking at them.walk in tub

Desk Top

Simple and sleek, this walk-in showerhead design is ideal for pretty much any bathroom. It is smaller than a bath tub and very affordable. Taking shower with Desk Top is a very open and joyous experience. It is made of a single piece of quality wood, giving it one of the cleanest walk-in shower designs on the market.

walk-in showerhead designs 1

Sea Spiral

If you prefer a more closed walk-in showerhead design and have a little more space, then Sea Spiral is a great choice. A round window will remind you of being on a ship, looking outside, and the beautiful wall will provide the intimacy you might desire under the shower. A bit pricy for the pocket, it will nonetheless give you a chance to experience the freedom of the sea before going to a peaceful sleep.

walk-in showerhead designs 2

The Matrix

Some walk-in showerhead designs look like they came out of a sci-fi movie – the Matrix is one of the best in this walk-in shower designs genre. With adjustable shower heads you can custom design you own showering experience every time. The beauty of this design is that it looks out of this world and at the same time costs you one a single square meter of space. Now there is no excuse you don’t have space in your bathroom to put a walk-in shower in.

walk-in showerhead designs 3

The Rotor

Want a walk-in showerhead design that your friends will be astonished about? Here is The Rotor. Looks like a rotor, works like a rotor, but it is a walk-in shower design that conjures up a ravishing experience. While taking a shower, the rotor, well, rotates sending spirals of water droplets on your whole body. It is described as must-have walk-in shower design for younger generations.

walk-in showerhead designs 4

The 80s

On the other hand, if you were young in the 80’s, you might enjoy reliving the famous decade while showering in this colorful walk-in showerhead design. Artistically made it gives you an experience that will stimulate your creativity. This walk-in shower design also gives you enough space to dance and sing, so add a little Cyndi Lauper to the mix and starts the day dancing and singing.

walk-in showerhead designs 5

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