3 Suprising Tips When Buying Shower Panels

Shower panels

Shower panels are vital ingredients of walk-in showers. Since the early days of showering, this is the piece that has probably evolved the most. Modern day shower panels serve their original purpose as well as have some extra features such as being able to play music like a radio or an iPod. If you look into some extraordinary cases, a shower panel can transform a walk-in shower in a disco – the shower head is the microphone, shower panel plays video background and series of lights on it are there as a disco ball – and you are the shower superstar.

The basic functionally of shower panel is really simple and straightforward – it holds the shower head and contains the piping needed for water to burst through it. The first ones were statics so only one position of shower head was possible to have when showering. With the evolving bathroom technology, the dynamic shower panels were developed, enabling you to switch between many different position of shower head and thus the ability to adjust the angle at which water is spraying you.

Shower Panels

Even in the past shower panels were the most technical and hard-to design and construct part of the walk-in shower. Whereas the head itself and the shower floor are quite straight forward, shower panels are something completely different. Looking from another angle, they are the sophisticated mechanical pieces of the showers, technically designed and carefully constructed like swiss watches. If you use a screw and break the shower panel in parts, you’ll see the technical details it contains. But for the end user, none of this matters. Usually when we buy a walk-in shower as a whole, shower panel is already constructed for us and we just install it with ease.

In today’s world, the sophistication of shower panels is increased ten-fold. Normally we would say that electricity and water don’t mix. Well, this is not true for some technologically more developed shower panels. If you like to sing while showering, you can have a background music coming from the shower panel. You can even find such panels that have monitors installed on the board and you can even watch and imitate Youtube videos through wifi connection. The shower head can be used as a microphone as well, if you want someone to hear your singing afterwards. Naturally, the different color lights are a must is such walk-in showers and they are easily accessible on the shower panels. In other words, your shower can be your music studio. This is how far we have come from just singing under the shower with a static shower head.

Shower panels also control how water flows from shower head. Everything can be adjusted by the controls on the shower panel, from the water speed, to water temperature and the water profile coming from the shower head. Some shower panels even have special programs, such as water saving program or ‘blizzard-shower’ program for when you really are in a rush. When you enter a shower you simple start the program lasting anywhere from a minute to half an hour and enjoy your shower without having to worry about adjusting anything. What is really loved in some more high tech shower panels is that you can create your custom programs in terms of water profile as well as the songs that are being played while you are showering. You can choose Vivaldi for relaxing enjoying shower or even some rock’n’roll for you to sing with. If you are preparing for a hard day and need a wake up effect not only from the water, but from the music as well you can put on some Eye of the Tiger which will get you motivated and in the right mood.

Of course, we are talking about luxury and highly developed shower panels. Your average one might not have all the features written about above, but if will definitely not be as pricy as those kinds of showers. If you’re not picky, you can get a shower panel costing no more than $20. Middle class panels might get a bit expensive but for $500 you will get an already great shower panel. But if you want for your panel to have the abilities an average iPad has with light effects, microphone, a video screen and a wifi connector, it will cost you upwards of $2000. Nevertheless, the experience is really worth it. What you have to remember that you shower everyday – and having this experience every day makes the cost a little more worthwhile and you might consider the money well spent.

On the other hand, the design is also very important. There are numerous different ways a shower panel can be constructed and formed. The interesting thing is that all of this exterior design was primarily there to cover the inner mechanics of the shower panels. With interior design of bathrooms becoming very important, this at first thought as a cover up skin of shower panel became one of the most thought about piece of bathroom design. Designs vary most in the material the shower panel is made of. This can be either plastic or metal, but hard wood or even glass is also in use with more luxurious panels. With plastic, you have a freedom to choose many different, even funky, colors for your future shower studio, so to speak. With other materials, there are certain limitations regarding the color. The most priced is hard wood but it is also the hardest to make and needs above average maintenance levels when compared to other materials.

Shower panels are a wonder of bathroom designs. Some of them can even be more sophisticated than an average washing machine. Coming a long way from pieces that hold the shower head in place, panels are the essential ingredient of today’s walk-in shower. What is more, they continue to evolve by implementing technological advances from other industries. Showering with a high tech shower panel is an experience of a lifetime – but you can have it every day!

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