Walk-in Showers of 2015

Once one get’s to know walk-in showers, some questions might appear. ‘Can I get walk-in shower without doors’ or ‘I have a small bathroom and little space. Can I install any of the walk-in showers available?’ are two of them. Of course here at Showering World we don’t just talk about walk-in showers, we also give you valuable walk-in showers reviews of 2015 so you know which one to buy.

Walk-in Showers for Small Bathrooms

For some people the trick is to get the walk-in shower inside a small bathroom. More decide to buy walk-in showers because of the great design and the water savings it offers, but if you have small bathroom any other kind of shower is out of the question.

A standard shower will cover 30 square feet of space per average. That can be a big problem if your whole bathroom is lets say 100 sq ft big. Walk-in showers for small bathrooms are expecially great if you are from New York for example where there are small apartments and even smaller bathrooms. Walk-in showers can cover less than 10 sq ft. The best part is that even though the space that is needed is small, the showering experience is rejuvenating and refreshing. With the right shower head with multiple heads you can get wet from various angles.

One of the best walk-in shower ideas for small bathroom is the DreamLine’s Butterfly Door walk-in shower – you can see at the photo below. It is distinguished by a sleek minimalistic design and much sought after frameless doors. DreamLine is one of the best walk-in showers designers because they use stainless glass and aluminium in most of their shower which gives their showers a modern and luxurious look.

walk in shower for small bathrooms dreamline butterfly

DreamLine’s Butterfly walk-in shower for small bathrooms

You will see most of DreamLine’s walk-in showers to have 4 or more stars on Amazon.

Butterfly shower will fit into a 16 sq ft space like a charm. Walk-in showers dimensions are 31.5 x 72 inches, so if you are stuggling with bathroom space.

Check out Prices and Availability here – DreamLine’s Butterfly walk-in shower for small bathrooms

Walk-in Showers with Seat

If you have enough bathroom space and you are seeking for a bit more of relaxation, walk-in showers with seat might be a nice idea. Most of people prefer to stand up while showering. It is quite a natural thing – our predecessors showered under waterfalls for ages. However, some people quite like the extra comfort of having a seat in walk-in showers. That’s why walk-in shower producers offer various range of seats inside the shower. The bathroom space will have to be a bit bigger to accomodate the chair or seat.

Walk-in showers with seats are basically standard walk-in showers that you have to install a seat in. For that most of us need some help because the seat has to support a weight of 200 pounds or more and we don’t need to risk falling under the shower.

This is a standard choice of more mature demographics who enjoy walk-in showers as much as anyone but want the extra luxury of sitting and relaxing. Of course this showers often take more than 2 minutes and consume more water as the result.

If you have an existing shower and just want to test how the seat changes your showering experience, I highly recommend getting Moen’s Home Care Fold Down Shower Seat. This is a seat that can be installed in any existing shower because it is a fold down verion. So even if you have a small shower and the chair would sometimes go in the way, you can use the fold down version and use it whenever you like. Choice is yours is the name of the game here.


walk in shower with seat moen

Moen’s Home Care Fold Down Shower Seat

This is a very popular item, it has 4.8/5 star rating on Amazon and more than 60 customer reviews.

Check out Prices and Availiability here – Moen’s Home Care Fold Down Shower Seat

Walk-in showers with bench seats such as these are quite popular because of the aging population. Quick shower is great if you have to go to work in the morning, but if you are in no hurry walk-in showers with seats is something you should definitely look into.

Walk-in Showers without Doors

Some people really like it quick. And those are the same people that are looking for walk-in showers without doors. Having a slider or doors into a shower is just a necessary step. Well, it was until recently. Step-in showers of today offer you a shower that you literally just walk into, without doors or sliders.

When we are talking about doorless walk-in showers we are actually refering to walk-in shower enclosures, of lack there of. Step-in shower enclosures are in essence of three kinds:

  • Plastic enclosures
  • Glass enclosures (with frame or frameless)
  • Solid enclosures

Solid enclosures are what we call doorless ones. Usually build from decorated stone, the enclosure is naturally immovable. That’s why it is designed so that you can step into walk-in shower without moving anything. This as you can clearly see has an effect of shower without door.

Major benefit of doorless walk-in showers? The design.

walk in showers without doors

Walk-in shower without doors (on the left)

Because you can sculpture with stone and other hard pieces, this gives you more flexibility than plastic or glass enclosures. You can construct an Egyptian or Roman kind of shower. So it is not as modern as it is ancient, but well worth it because only solid enclosures will give you this amazing kind of showering experience.

On the other hand, bathroom space that doorless walk-in showers occupy is pretty big. Of course if you want to move the shower, you will also have some problems. But if you have fixed shower position and want the top notch thing when showering, the walk-in showers without door is the very best anyone can get.


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