Top 10 Walk-in Shower Designs of 2015

Have you every ask what best walk-in shower designs are like? It’s exciting to move all the pieces if you are designing the layout yourself. The most important piece of course is the shower. That’s why we have prepared top 10 walk-in shower designs so you get some design ideas when your are equipping the bathroom. If you have an intern designer, your knowledge of different walk-in shower arrangements will also help a great deal when deciding what your bathroom preferences are. Let start with top 10 walk-in shower designs of 2015.

Top 10 Walk-in Shower Ideas of 2015

#10 Turquoise Touch – Walk-in Shower Design Idea for Two Persons

walk in shower designs for two person

Walk-in shower designs for two persons

This is how modern bathroom with walk-in shower looks like. Turquoise Touch design has a sleek turquoise colored tiles that give depth to walk in shower – is it a nice way to make it look bigger than it really is. However, this walk-in shower is big to begin with. The rectangular shape indicates that it is a what is in the industry called ‘two person’ shower, designed for simultanious showering with one’s partner. The color also given an illusion you are having a drench in some tropical ocean.

At the walk-in shower base you can also see a seat. This is actually a walk-in shower bench design. Made out of wood and covered with water resistant resin, the wood bench fits nicely with the bathroom floor design on walk-in shower entrance.

Frameless walk-in shower enclosures give a minimalistic and modern feel. When you buy walk-in shower enclosures bear this design in mind. Enclosures envelop two sides – the side with walk-in shower doors and two one opposite the sink. A window in this design is a nice touch and give more light to the bathroom and the shower itself.

Great walk-in shower layout idea using light as the painting brush. Sleek design is revealed by window installed inside walk-in shower instead of enclosures, and the torquise color delivering depth and giving the shower its name.

#9 Step-in Shower – Shower in Your Bedroom

walk in shower designs in bedroom

Walk-in shower two steps from your bed

Getting out of bed and taking a shower is what Step-in Shower was designed for. This is a setting for very active people who need to activate themselves with a shower the moment they awake. No more putting on flip-flops and going to the bathroom.

Bathroom is in your bedroom. In the walk-in shower picture we see single shower enclosure separating showering place and bedroom. The centrepiece is the shower head that delivers a quick release of water and is designed to be time efficient. From bed to shower and back can take even less than two minutes.

You will still need a toilet besides this showering area but if you are struggling with small bathroom area and have an ample amount of space in bedroom, this is definitely worth a try. The simple composition is created out of a shower head, walk-in shower base and little else. The problem to set it up is that majority of bedrooms don’t have drainage and water delivery pipes installed. So this is definitely a thing to consider prior building the watering system, but once it’s up and running, you are the one who is up and running in less than 2 minutes.

#8 Mansarda Shower – Get the Light in

walk in shower design ideas

Light your shower

Mansarda Shower is delicately designed walk-in shower that can be installed if you have a mansarda. Many people don’t like the inclining wall but here the intern designers see the advantage. Mansarda offers a great way to build walk-in shower because of all the light that comes in through mansarda window. This gives a lovely showering experience, especially if you wait for sun to come up before taking a soup.

Mansarda Shower is one of the best design ideas of 2015 because of its use of space. It is equipped with a bench and double-sided shower enclosures, other enclosures are solid and of very nice model. The drainage system is visible from walk-in shower picture. Bench is big enough to be used for sheltering shampoo or other kind of soups, or as seen in the pictures it can be used as part of the estetics. You can sit on it and enjoy even more relaxing and fullfilling shower. Depending of what kind of shower head you have, you can also have flowers growing in your shower. Just make sure that shower head doesn’t water the plants too much.

This is a perfect fit for mansarda bathroom where the space is plentiful but the height of the bathroom is often very low at the low end. Be very careful about the dimensions here though. As you can see, walk-in shower enclosures have to fit perfecting. In the shower picture above, the fit is only perfect because of the few inches of wall when you step into the shower.

#7 Bench Bathroom Shower – Take a Seat and Relax

walk in shower design with seat

Walk-in shower design with seat

This design is expecially for those who want to enjoy their showers a bit longer and with a bit more comfort. The shower enclosures are set up so that they cover the bench, as you can see from the walk-in shower picture. This reduces the danger of bench corrosion. Bench Bathroom shower is the first to adapt this concept, so it is in our list for best walk-in shower layouts of 2015.

Other parts of design are pretty basic. If you look at the shower photo, the shower head is simple but is spraying right across the bench. The new shower enclosure construction that cover the bench is exactly why this can be done. In other designs the bench or seat is set up so to avoid the water as much as possible.

Bench Bathroom Shower is meant for large bathrooms. If you have a small bathroom, the bench is simple something that reduces the space you have. But the luxury of sitting down is something well worth the extra space if you can afford it.

#6 Round Walk-in Shower – Best Shower Innovation of 2015

walk in shower designs ideas round shower

A round walk-in shower

This is an unheard of design prior to 2015. What most of us image as shower has a square or rectangular shower base. The reason why the design in the picture about is the showering innovation of 2015 is because it put our imagination ablaze. The design is called Round Walk-in Shower.

It is round. That is the next step, according to the innovative intern designers. Never before have they seen so many possibilities than with this. If you can construct proper drainage, you can place a round walk-in shower anywhere is the bathroom. Shower enclosures are circular with a slider to open the door into the clensing area. As you see from walk-in shower picture the base is little inclined to the drainage in order for water not to be spilled all over the bathroom floor. The main shower head in the center is complimented with a secondary shower head on the enclosures for more gentle touches. Around the shower you can see the mirror and the sink and even the toilet on the left.

Large bathrooms are best to accomodate this new era of round walk-in shower designs. It does need quite a lot of space, can’t fill out the corner you have in the bathroom, but just show it to your friends and family members to see the awe in their faces. Who would not like to shower in one of these?

#5 Egypt Classic Light – Ancient takin on Modern Design

walk in shower designs solid enclosures

Walk-in shower like an Egyptian

In ancient times Romans and Egyptians didn’t have the privilige to go to Amazon and buy a walk-in shower enclosures that just fit their bathrooms. On the contrary, they did something ever better. The rich population used lavish stones and minerals to construct their walk-in showers with solid enclosures as you see on this photo. In most designs, porcelan tiles are used, and this shower is not an exception. With solid walls it gives you something to admire as well as grip on to while taking a shower.

What makes it stand in 2015 walk-in shower designs out is the lightning. As seen from the picture of the shower, directly above showering area is a window through which light pours in. In addition to this, two lights are installed at the top of the shower and one more on the left (it’s not turned on in the picture). Bathroom lighting is complete with the big window on the right, which is also reflected in the mirror, giving bathroom a spacious and luminous look.

Shower head leaves something to be desired, though. The best thing about walk-in shower designs is that you get the idea of how it looks and then use your preferences and create your own design on the idea. This shower head is exactly something that could be replaced with this walk-in shower head for example. Putting yourself into bathroom design is the best way to ensure you will like it. Let a look at top 5 walk-in shower designs of 2015 below.

#4 Angled Angel Shower – Surprising use of Neo Angled Enclosures

walk in shower design neo angle shower enclosures with seat

Neo angled enclosures for a different walk-in shower

‘Nice use of neo angled walk-in shower enclosure’, is what most bathroom designers said when looking at the walk-in shower design above. There are many features of good layout in Angled Angel Shower. First one is the bench area inside the shower. Solid and nicely designed it offers an added relaxation and makes the showering experience available to the more senior population as well. The other is the walk-in shower base with fixed drainage and few inches of solid enclosures on the bottom to reinforce the glass enclosures. Of course the trophy is the use of neo angled shower enclosures.

Where most walk-in shower constuctions use 3-sided neo angled enclosures, this one uses only 2-sided. As you can see the entrance to step-in shower is created out of glass enclosure that is the middle part of standard neo angled enclosure. On the right there the enclosure is what you would expect, but on the left side there is a solid enclosure that makes up the neo angled patern. This innovation effectively reduced the bathroom area that is needed to install a shower and gives a more discrete touch to taking a shower. Expecially designed shower head is also used on the top of the shower to deliver a quick refreshing stream of water and makes you feel like you just stepped under the waterfall.

#3 Ficus Rush Shower – Small Bathroom Dream

walk in shower design with shower head

Walk-in shower for small bathrooms and quick showers

There is a lot to say about walk-in shower convinience, especiall for their placement in small bathrooms. Ficus Rush is the very space optimized example of this. Covering less than 10 sq ft, this is one of the best walk-in shower designs of 2015 for tiny bathrooms. With stainless glass shower enclosures and a clean modern design, this walk-in shower leaves little to be desired for.

The best feature is the futuristic shower head. The main shower head delivers a nice showering experience and is constructed for a quick and thorough clense. You can fit Ficus Rush in any corner.

#2 Invisible Water Shower – Best of Minimalistic Design

walk in shower design ideas minimalistic design

Minimalistic walk-in shower design

As the name suggest, this walk-in shower is designed to not be noticed at all. Showers are in most cases the biggest units in bathroom. That’s usually a problem for people with very nicely decorated bathrooms because the decoration is outshined by the shower. Well, not in this case. Invisible Water layout is simple and clean, and it has shower enclosures out of the finest glass, making it barely visible in the loo. Enclosures don’t have anything attached to them, such as shower heads or hooks for towels in order to be as invisible as possible.

The installation here is pretty straight forward. Even the shower head is designed in a minimalistic manner, the shower base is tilled and with two-sided enclosures it couldn’t be an easier job than assembling this one together. Being barely noticable is a great way for other things to shine out. Based on this concept we have nominated it for one of the best walk-in shower designs of 2015.

#1 Walk in Walk-in Shower – Walk-in Closet of Shower Designs

walk in shower designs for small bathroom

Invisible and small bathroom ready

The no. 1 is this petite but remarcable shower. Normal showers take away from bathroom; this one makes you add a few square feet just because you must have the best walk-in shower design of 2015. Single side shower enclosures provide entrance into a neatly tilled shower base. For the added flavour a Matrix shower head is installed (not visible on the picture) with 7 separate heads pouring you in seconds.

It is not only quick and small bathroom ready, it’s also invisible. Some guests taking a shower could even be calling you from inside the bathroom asking where is the shower. Because it’s build in the wall, it’ll like a separate room inside the loo. This truly is a walk-in closet of shower designs.

Being one of the most innovative designs, ready for all bathrooms and with some of the best shower heads on the market, this shower is in our opinion best walk-in shower idea of 2015.

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