Mobile Home Shower Kits – Yes or No?

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Not long ago, lavish, extravagant bathrooms were only available for the well-off part of the population. With contemporary developments and growing technological trends, the commonplace principles of interior décor have also evolved over the years. New and exciting design opportunities are constantly emerging in today’s fast-paced society, and the restroom is no exception to the rule. Economical, high-class appliances are now becoming accessible for the most of us, granting us quick solutions for uncommonly low costs. The lavatory is rapidly turning into the most important room in your home – for both you and your loved ones. If you want the very best for your family, but you aren’t too excited about paying heaps of money without a guarantee, rest assured – you can purchase high-quality products at a reasonable price and build up the stylish, gleaming bathroom you’ve always fancied for you and the most important people in your life.

mobile home shower kits enclosures

If you have a more daring spirit, then you’ve probably already considered a mobile home structure. Realistically speaking, this type of decorating will present its fair share of space-related challenges. As the rooms in mobile homes are usually particularly small, finding the design that resonates with what you have in mind can prove to be quite tricky. When it comes to your lavatory, the appliance that occupies the most space is undoubtedly your shower. This is why finding the right mobile home shower kit is essential. Buying the product that best fits your needs and bathroom can do wonders to diminish some of clutter in this corner of your house. By doing this, you won’t be required to find another place for your favorite magazine or store away some of your useful items that you’d like to have in handy simply because there isn’t enough room to move around freely. Another useful trick when it comes to mobile home design is painting your walls in soft tones (blue and green) or generally using light colors in order to create a neat, airy feel. However, your main concern should be the type, size and shape of your shower. Keep on reading for a quick guide on how to find the perfect mobile home shower kit for you and your loved ones.

Benefits of Mobile Home Shower Kits

            Shower kits are a timely, cost-effective way to reinvigorate your bathroom’s functionality and appearance. Made of sturdy, easy-to-clean materials, these all-in-one collections combine quality with convenience and are the most economical and smartest decision you can make when it comes to bathroom interior design. The main feature of your mobile home shower kit will be the shower itself. So you should have a clear plan in mind regarding the size and shape of your future product. You should decimobile home shower kitsde beforehand if you require corner, rectangular or neo-angle models, as well as what type of enclosure you desire – with pivot, sliding or swing-in doors. Moreover, since generally mobile houses have no foundation, you have to pay special attention to the weight of your mobile home shower kit to not be too heavy, as it could potentially damage the home floor or even cause wall deformation. It is important to consider that the average lifespan of a mobile home is between 20-25 years, meaning that the shower enclosures should not be extra durable. You should also check that the fundamental parts of your existing plumbing system do not require any upgrades, especially if you’re thinking about incorporating a shower system. One of the newest, in vogue trends nowadays is to install a shower system instead of a basic shower. The former usually consists of hand showers, body sprays, valves, showerheads, volume controls and water outlets. In terms of temperature, you can have a single handle or a dual handle for controlling both warmth and flow rate. These features are available for most mobile home shower kits and you can purchase prepackaged versions or customize your own to fit your needs.

Shower Valve

home shower kit shower heads

An essential item for your kit will be the shower valve. The abundant variety of options out there can be intimidating and the jargon used in the plumbing industry is certainly confusing for the most skilled of us. You might end up not knowing what you’re looking for, but if you take a bit of time to properly research this topic, you’ll find that there are two key-components you should choose between. Let’s take a look at what type of valve your future mobile home shower kit should contain in order to ensure a refreshing showering experience and still meet your budget. There are two fundamental types of shower valves – concealed and exposed. The former is a simple in-built feature concealed behind the tiling of a shower enclosure, with visible chrome control plate and handles. The main advantage of this type of valve is that it helps create a more elegant and pleasing look, as it disguises unaesthetic fittings and pipework. Before purchasing, it’s important to establish the recess you’ll require behind the tiling of your shower enclosure. As a general rule, concealed shower valves need a recess depth of around 100mm. With mobile homes, this might not be a feasible figure. If that’s the case, there’s no need to worry – you can always build a thin, stud wall at one end of your shower. Once the tiling is finished, this will blend in flawlessly with the rest of your restroom. An exposed shower valve typically stands for a horizontal bar situated outside the wall. Although it doesn’t make for a particularly glamorous look, it’s a viable option if your money is on the low and you’re looking for an affordable alternative. As only the hot and cold pipe needs to be accommodated within the wall, this type of valve is easier and quicker to fit. Additionally, it’s a great option if you’re working with solid brick walls that don’t allow for a concealed shower valve installation.

Awe yourself with Showerhead

Another important item of your mobile home shower kit is the showerhead. This piece usually comes in one of two varieties – fixed or handheld. The first is more common and is mounted as a permanent fixture to the shower’s unit wall, whereas the second is connected to the wall using a flexible tubing or hose, which allows for motion when showering. For those of us that are concerned with penny-saving and protecting the environment, there is the option of a low-flow showerhead that saves water and energy.

mobile home shower kits shower head


One of the best mobile home shower kits is Maax USA’s brand, with a neo-angle shower enclosure, a 3-piece white polystyrene wall with 3 shelves incorporated, as well as a silicone-free, textured base that requires little to no maintenance. The Swanstone company offers a free standing knock-down assembly, with decorative aluminum trim, rust resistant hardware and gleaming thermoplastic wall panels. The construction is leak-resistant and includes a brass shower valve curtain, as well as a curtain rod. If you’re looking for the real deal, you might be interested in SlimLine’s shower kit, which offers an integral shower transformation. With sliding doors perfectly suitable for small spaces and a low profile design shower base, this kit is bound to turn your bathroom into a sleek-looking, modern haven.

Here is instructions for mobile home shower kit installment:


Top 5 Frameless Shower Enclosures of 2015

Whether we’re aware of it or not, our bathrooms speak volumes about our day-to-day lives and general house design. We spend more time in this seemingly ordinary room than we’d like to admit, but it’s often the most overlooked part of our homes. While it’s not necessary to turn our lavatories into state-of-the-art shrines, it’s common sense for most of us to keep a fresh, clean restroom, with low-maintenance appliances that still manage to exhibit that polished, alluring look. Even if we’re not too concerned with the glamour factor, we still want a bathroom that can incorporate both function and design. And we try hard to achieve the latter, to find that interior décor that matches both our personalities and artistic preferences.

Frameless ShGlass-coated frameless shower enclosuresower Enclosures of 2015

If you’re looking to build up your future restroom, or you’re interested in redecorating this particular corner of your house, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll mainly focus on the shower – one of the most important elements that can be a deal-breaker or a life-saving feature when it comes to your lavatory’s overall outlook. The first thing anyone is going to notice about your shower when they walk in your bathroom is the enclosure you’ve chosen. The variety of playful and original options has long exceeded the plain boxy shower so well-known in earlier times. A popular, growing trend nowadays is the frameless shower enclosure, highly requested due to its accessibility, comfort and sleek, elegant look. With so many new and engaging possibilities out on the market, it’s hard to figure out which product is the right one for you and your family. So let’s take a look at the available frameless shower enclosures that best fit your showering needs and aesthetic inclinations.


  1. Thick-glass frameless shower enclosures

Glass which does not have a protective framing can easily be chipped and will undoubtedly break and require regular and costly replacements down the line. The doors used for different frameless shower enclosures vary, but your main concern should always be the glass. Here are some of the key-characteristics to consider when choosing the type of glass used in manufacturing your product. Toughened safety glass is your best option when it comes to damp, steam-covered rooms. Tempered thick glass, between 8mm and 10mm is sturdy, long-lasting and ensures protection. Additionally, it is easy to clean and maintain, while still giving your bathroom an open, airy feel. If money is an issue, there are more cost-efficient alternatives, such as the 4mm or 6mm glass types. VictoriaPlumb is an excellent company to consider when looking for low-priced glass frameless shower enclosures that also provide high-quality function. Whether it’s a cheap contract 4mm, an 8mm enclosure or a standard fair 6mm, thickness is the decisive factor. Manufacturers such as Ireland or Image even offer 12mm or 15mm frameless shower enclosures in their Escape range. When dealing with heavy 10mm models, one should take into consideration that the installation is anything but a one man job. That being said, you should be mindful that fitting and delivery costs will be higher than what you’re accustomed to. If you’re not interested in your comfort exclusively and you’re looking to create an invigorating showering experience for your entire family, then a minimum of 6mm glass is recommended to ensure safety and durability. Also, bear in mind that your product should be in accordance with the Safety Standards of your country, in order to avoid hazardous shattering upon hefty impact.

Here is how to install such a shower enclosure:


  1. Pivot door frameless shower enclosures

Aesthetics play a generous part in picking out your shower enclosure, but convenience and the manner in which your chosen brand integrates with the rest of your lavatory are also important details to consider. One of most difficult decisions you’ll have to make when it comes to your frameless shower enclosure is selecting the type of door that best suits your style, without turning your restroom into a cluttered, unkempt space. Also known as swinging doors, pivot doors open outward with one simple and smooth motion. These are an excellent option for small, crowded spaces, as well as for tiny shower entrances that aren’t wide enough to fit the panels of a sliding door. Fortunately, all frameless glass shower enclosures offer this feature for a modern, clear-cut look, because of the small hinges situated on the top and bottom of the shower. As opposed to the sliding enclosure, which requires the door to be watertight where it glides back, pivot doors are more economical and save valuable space in the showering area. VictoriaPlum frameless shower enclosures are available with frosted glass, which allows for a great chrome finish, as well as universal handed doors. For those of us that are more artistic-driven and keen on turning our current lavatories in creative expressions of our personalities, some viable possibilities are the in-swing enclosures or the bi-fold frameless shower enclosures, also known as the concertina doors – perfect for generating more space and shaping up your own, quirky interior décor.

  1. Quadrant frameless shower enclosure

    Quadrant frameless shower enclosureThere are a myriad of shapes and sizes to choose from when it comes to your product, but it’s a full-time job deciding which one is the right one for you. One of the most interesting and whimsical configurations is that of quadrant frameless shower enclosures. This structure offers elegant curvature and great, classic design, without taking away from the opening of the showering area. The most popular option amongst UK homes, quadrant doors are by far the most stylish solution to saving up space in your bathroom. This modern, low-maintenance product is undoubtedly the best choice for someone looking for a fuss-free, contemporary look for their restroom. Roman Showers and Wayfair have an interesting, diverse collection of quadrant frameless shower enclosures meant to revise your definition of a rejuvenating showering experience.


  1. Brass construction frameless shower enclosures

If you’ve skimmed over some prices for your future product, you probably noticed significant variations in cost. This is due to the fact that you’re not looking for a standard, finished product and each frameless shower enclosure fabrictor has their own system. This means that each provider has their own, personal interpretation and there are different approaches for different companies. For example, some associations consider the “U” channel method of installation frameless, whereas others, such as the ATM Mirror and Glass company, consider the clamp-method to be frameless and have relabeled the “U” method to semi-frameless. A much more reliable option than the “U” channel is the brass construction, plated with nickel, like or chrome or any other metal finish that best complements your overall décor.


  1. Glass-coated frameless shower enclosures

Glass-coated frameless shower enclosures
An excellent upgrade for the basic type of glass used is the easy glass coating. If we were to put a piece of glass under a microscope, we’d notice that it has a rugged surface with ducts and peaks, which facilitates dirt, lime and water droplets to stick to the outer side. This is where an easy, clean glass treatment comes in. By filling in the voids, it allows the water to glide off more smoothly and it can do wonders when it comes to spending less time cleaning and maintaining your appliance. ShowerLux, Shower Shield, Merlyn and Mershield are all reliable companies that offer this unmatched time-saving feature.

DreamLine Cornerview Framed Sliding Shower Enclosure and Kit Review

DreamLine Cornerview Framed Sliding Shower Enclosure and Kit Review

Tub doors, shower doors and related products and accessories from the premium manufacturer Dreamline need no introduction to the worldwide consumers. Yet the recent launch of Cornerview showering kit has been mixed opinions from the social media. To give clarity to your thought, you can see the details, presented here in an unbiased manner with pros and cons about the kit.

DreamLine Cornerview Framed Sliding Shower Enclosure and Kit Details

Cornerview shower enclosures and the shower base are combined as one kit here. Solid in construction, this robust piece can be assured for its best durability. Timeless in design, the kit needs no exaggeration about its versatile functionality as well. Modern low profile is maintained in the designing of the base for the showering unit. It is deliberately done so, with the idea to save space for the user in any facility. That’s why is most appropriate enclosure for small bathrooms. Most of the commercial users are in need of equipment that can save them ample space in particular. In that way, this kit is tailor made to meet your space constraints.

Cornerview Framed Sliding Shower Enclosure

DreamLine CornerView

1-year warranty is there for the customers to replace the back walls completely if there is any damage like the one cracks and fissures found in the back walls. The showering base is offered with a lifetime warranty from the original equipment manufacturer. Installation is easy. You need not big expertise to do the installations of this type of tailor made kits. At the same time, you need to trim as per the size requirements of your own to precisely fit in the spaces allotted. Most of the buyers have rated the product just because they are able to save a lot of space while using this showering kit.

The framed sliding shower enclosure is quite dynamic. Design standards are crisp. Materials specifications go to indicate us about the sheer strength of the product and its durability on the long run. Therefore, when you are to buy a premium product from the market in the recent times, for affordable costs, then it goes to show that, buying this item can be a prudential option as such. Cornerview shower enclosure is rated for its reliability in particular.

cornerview framed sliding shower enclosure walk-in shower picture


  • 5 years warranty for the enclosures
  • Lifetime warranty for the base
  • Fiber glass reinforcement
  • Slip resistant
  • Attractive tiles pattern
  • Unique water tight connectivity for the panels
  • Chrome hardware finishing


  • 1 year warranty for the doors


One of the amazing best products in the niche in the recent times is what you have seen details about, here, which can be rated easily with full five stars for its so many benefits associated.

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