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Do you have a need for some bathroom redecorating?

Do you find yourself daydreaming about a smooth and lustrous bathroom, with a hue of modern glamour, but also with reliable, conventional appliances? Are you always in need of more hours in your day, and high-maintenance devices are just too time-consuming and tiring to deal with on a regular basis? Have you been skimming over walk-in bathtubs reviews in search of the right product for you and your family? If you’ve finally made the decision to redecorate your entire bathroom, but you’re not quite sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place. Here we will evaluate your best options and attempt to be as unbiased as possible in helping you make the right decision. In today’s walk-in bathtubs reviews we’ll talk about KOHLER Archer Bathtub.

walk-in bathtubs reviews kohler

KOHLER Archer Bathtubs

How to choose the best walk-in bathtub for your bathroom

First off, you must ask yourself what part of your restroom is absolutely imperative to renovate now or replace altogether. It’s very likely that the item that simply can’t be put off anymore and requires some serious rethinking is your shower or bathtub. Leakage, slipping perils, worn out material and broken pieces in urgent need of replacement are likely to be familiar terms for you. You’ve probably already checked the market online to make an opinion – from integrated tile flange installations to walk-in bathtubs reviews that can help you decide on your future purchase. However, you’re still not quite convinced that what you’ve found so far will live up to your expectations. Moreover, it’s tricky to still stay in budget with so many appealing choices out there. So is your product affordable, but also reliable, or is it too fancy for you and more expensive than what you had in mind?

Why walk-in bathtubs are a good idea

If you’re a senior or merely interested in accommodating an elderly family member into your home, then you should stop looking for regular walk-in bathtub reviews and narrow your search to walk-in bathtub reviews. These products can genuinely change our lives once age-related issues start taking their toll on our overall health. This type of walk-in appliance allows for safety, comfort and easy access, while at the same time adding to the charm of your interior décor. Combining design with function, you’re guaranteed to feel satisfied with your choice and enjoy a fresh, relaxing bathing experience. Here are the pros and cons of walk-in bathtubs. If you’re still not convinced, feel free to find walk-in tub reviews and see how other people feel about this innovative feature and how it impacted their everyday routines.

Walk-in Bathtubs Reviews

If you’ve spent even a little time glancing over walk-in bath tub reviews, then you’ve surely stumbled upon the Kohler association and its merchandise. Renowned for its use of revolutionary technology, this brand offers the very best to its customers, regardless of price. One of the most appreciated aspects about this company is that they offer a wide array of design options, while still providing uncompromised performance. Moreover, if you’re interested in living green and minimizing the harmful impact we have on the planet, Kohler is one of the most environmentally-friendly brands out there. Even if stopping global warming is not exactly on your to-do list, you can still benefit from the ecological features offered by this company, as you can save not only water, but also money with every flush. Holistically clean-designed products to ensure low-maintenance and vintage-inspired Artifacts faucet collections to enhance the style and classy air of your lavatory are only some of the exciting highlights that are on-sale. There is also a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from when it comes to walk-in tubs or showers. This brand has become well-known over the years for its reliability and high-quality merchandise and is bound to pop up when reading any walk-in bath tub reviews.

KOHLER Archer Bathtub Review

kohler archer bathtub review

One of the most economical options currently on the market is the Kohler K-1123-RA-0 Archer 5-Foot Bath with comfort depth design, integral apron and right-hand drain. This bath offers a unique deep soaking experience, as it has an exclusive slotted overflow that allows for the water depth to be elevated to the level of a standard tall tub. Additionally, the low, step-over height ensures accessibility and safety when entering and exiting the bath tub. The product is perfect for you, if you’re looking for something spacious that can help create that open, airy feel. Its dimensions are 64 x 35 x 22 inches and its size can fit up to 60 gallons of water. Installed with a three wall alcove, this appliance weighs only 122 pounds and complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act when installed per Section 607 Bathtubs of the act. You’re certain to come across this product when searching for walk-in tubs reviews because it’s a financially advantageous offer, if you’re not looking for anything too extravagant, but rather for something convenient and durable.

The reason why this particular bath tub should get your attention is the acrylic material. This is a polymer created when giant carbon molecules combine chemically and exhibits glass-like qualities – translucence and luminosity. This is the material of choice for thousands of manufacturers in the industry, as well as for customers, as it ensures the same properties and benefits of cast iron – easy to shape and mold, durable and non-yellowing, but for a lower price.

Dimensions and design of KOHLER’s Archer Bathtub

Although this product has a generous variety of colors and sizes to choose from, which complement different interior designs, when it comes to function, the appliance might bring about a few challenges. If you look at some of the walk-in bath tub reviews, you’ll notice that quite a few people have had complaints in regards to the state of the product post-delivery. There are a few drawbacks that should be addressed if you’re considering this as your future appliance. You might find that the armrests are too small for you, as they are only 3/4” long. Also, some customers reported that the foot actuated drain has to be lift by hand, as it doesn’t work properly when the tub is full. It’s essential to make sure you know what you’re getting and the best way to do this is by checking other walk-in bath tubs reviews and re-evaluating the pros and cons of your future purchase.

KOHLER Archer Bathtub installation

One more thing to consider is that the installation of this appliance is a bit tricky. There are a few necessities that require special attention. For instance, the bath must only be supported by the feet, and not by the rim, while the drain access must be provided from bellow. Also, you shouldn’t install a rim-mount facet to this bath, as it requires a deck or wall-mount facet. You shouldn’t be taken over by the walk-in bath tubs reviews, and make sure you also check the installation guide and decide if the potentially troublesome requirements are worth the hassle in the long run. Additionally, you should check out the cleaning instructions and avoid using any abrasive cleansers and aerosol products on the bath surface.

More KOHLER walk-in Bathtub Reviews Coming

If you’re interested in a bath tub that’s both stylish and economical, then this product is the right one for you and your family. However, if you’re not willing to compromise when it comes to fitting costs and requirements, and you’re keen on managing a quick, easy installation, then you might want to rethink your options. Feel free to browse through more Kohler walk-in bath tubs reviews if you’re not quite satisfied with this model, but keep in mind that the installment inconveniences will pay off in the future.

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Why Buy Corner Tub If You Can Buy Corner Whirlpool

Corner tubs are a great way to best utilize bathroom space. This, however, does not mean you are compromising on relaxation and luxury, quite the contrary. Corner tub is a sophisticated bathroom item which is not only appropriate for small bathrooms. Such tubs but can bring your rejuvenating bathtub experience that is unmatched by any walk-in shower or other kinds of showering.

Here we are featuring one of the best corner tubs your money can buy. In fact it is because they are in so great demand we are opting for this particular corner tub. And it is not even a corner tub – it is a corner whirlpool. This is KOHLER K-1154-CC-0 Corner Whirlpool.


This Kohler’s corner whirlpool is the perfect answer for the economic slowdown in 2008 and 2009 due to housing problem. With the value of housing going down and people having less and less disposable income, the natural thing was that people moved to somewhat smaller homes. With small bathrooms corner tubs have all the power because they are specifically designed to save bathroom space. The Kohler’s K-1154-CC-o Corner Whirlpool is expecially loved by small bathroom owners because they don’t have to economise on their luxury bathtub experience. Even though the tub seem to be small it is very grand in terms of relaxation and rejuvenation it provides.

Forget standard bathtubs. They are big and expensive to maintain. You can lie in them in pretty much one position, arms and leg limited to bathtub provides. Corner tubs are designed to give you extra space. In such a way, you are not limited by ceramic walls of the bathtubs and you don’t have to worry about walk-in shower enclosures. You can just spread your arms and legs wide, lay your head backwards and relax in the warm water.

It is pretty incredible how I felt switching from ordinary bathtub to a corner tub. All the extra flexibility gives you the freedom you want. Before I had to wash like in middle ages, but with my new corner whirlpool I’m feeling and being modern. I will soap for ages in the tub and even do my exercises against joint pains because of all the space I didn’t have before. (Rossie Hawthorn, 62, North Carolina)

Corner tub is of great advantage to elderly. Corner tubs for seniors provides one with the space not only to wash but to do morning exercises. Elderly people can go to spa and do some sports in the pool. This is very advantageous in order to restore the muscle tone and build additional bone mass preventing osteoporisis. People should do these kind of exercises every day. The problem is that you’re not at a spa every day and many of us don’t have pools with warm water and a water training instructor ready. But corner whirlpool has everything you need to do the exercises. Just tell your grand children to set up an online training video for you – kids are pretty knowledgibleable about this things and they will feel important when you ask them and will promptly help. Fill the corner tub with water and just follow the instructor on the monitor and do your exercises. In such a way, you will start living more active and healthy life. Working out in hot water every day will provide you with relaxating as well as added bone mass so much needed to fight osteoporosis. This is how your bathtub experience will not be limited to just lying there but you will do something good for yourself and your well-being.

If you are used to walk-in showers and walk-in bathtubs and have no experience with corner tubs now is the time to start. One has to shower or take a bath every day. Most of us see it as the thing to do, maybe even a nuissance, but with with Kohler’s corner whirlpool everything is different. Just imagine soaking in the warm water hours on end and taking a time for yourself to relax.

Lets get a bit technical. KOHLER K-1154-CC-0 Corner Whirlpool is meant to be installed in the bathroom corner and is set up specifically in the way to enable you easy and simple installation. Dimensions of 20.5 inch height, 54 inch width and 54 inch depth will enable you to figure out if you have enought room for the tub. If not, I would recommend moving something is the bathroom to fit the whirlpool in. You will certainly not regret it. Once you test the tub you’ll know that a bit of extra moving was well worthwhile. The construction is acrylic and it comes with a smooth white color finish.

What makes this tub special is the whirlpool effect that is unmatched by anything on the market. KOHLER K-1154-CC-0 Corner Whirlpool includes no less than six massage hydrojets that are flexible and powered by a hydropumps designed expecially to deliver massaging effect. These can be custom positioned while you’re taking a bath and set them up as best fit you. If you need a back rub you don’t have to try to convince your husband to do it – just set the hydrojets and enjoy. It’s like having 6 hands on you at any time, taking away pain from your muscles and joints. Needless to say manufacturer’s warranty is included in the deal.

Trying to trick my husband to give me a massage is almost impossible, and even if I do manage it, he grunts away. Some men were just not build for giving a massage. But now I have my whirlpool bathtub with six jets. I set them up to massage my back and my feet at the same time. The feeling is so good and I just can’t get enough of it. (Alice, 51, California)

corner tubs

Kohler is a well known bathtub manufacturer and they instantly adress every issue their customers might have. KOHLER K-1155-0 5454 Corner Bath is a great example of standard corner tub you might also like if you’re buying on the budget.

Nevertheless, if you are going for relaxing experience equivalent with 3 people massaging you, the whirlpool tub is the way to go. The price is very affordable giving the fact that you will use the tub every day. For just something above $1,000 this is the best price performance corner tub you can get your hands on. You might opt for other more expensive bathtubs, such as Eago AM505 Corner Whirlpool Bathtub which will cost you more than $2,500 with no additional advantages.

Moneywise Kohler’s whirlpool tub is a smart choice. The thing about these tubs is also that in the long run consumption of water is lower. When you are showering the water is literally being wash away. With corner tubs, you fill the hot water in the tub and soak away without using any more additional water.

It is due time to do something for yourself every day.

Make a smart choice and opt for price performance best corner tub on the market, the KOHLER K-1154-CC-0 Corner Whirlpool.