Playful Walk-in Shower 1000 – Minimalist and Elegant

Walk-in shower is big and elaborate showering device. But it doesn’t have to be. Pefect for small bathrooms, Playful Walk-in Shower 1000 is minimalist in design and very useful for quick showers. In many cases we have to economise on bathroom space but don’t want to feel like we’re cramming into the shower. The Playful Walk-in Shower brings both the feeling of relaxation and the positive illusion of bathroom space.

Minimalist Walk-in Shower

Imagine installing a big walk-in shower. The walk-in shower enclosures are the biggest pieces, be it made out of plastic or glass. The shower head one can manage, the showering base can also cause some difficulties. Yet when you’ve installed the shower, you find out you have significantly less space in the bathroom and the walk-in shower is standing there like a giant of the bathroom.

playful walk-in shower

For shower to go well with the interior design of the bathroom, Playful Walk-in Shower 1000 is perfect. It does not overpower everything else in the bathroom. In fact, this shower adds to the value and the look. But just wait to step in it to see the full splendor of minimalist walk-in shower.

Playful 1000 consist of a small but elegantly made showering base. It is a foursided design and perfect to go into corners and to use that free space well. Glass walk-in shower enclosure is very simplistic. It is a frameless enclosure and needs just few bolts and screws to set it in place. Being glass it is transparent and will not visually enhance your bathroom space. The best thing about this shower is the rainfall shower head which comes with the package. A lot has been said about rainfall shower head but here is something new – it goes really well with small, simplistic walk-in shower. Such shower head is fixed and is exactly perfect for the limited spaces. No one goes into a small walk-in shower expecting to go all nuts with moveable shower head. Moveable shower head would just show you how limited space you’re in. Rainfall shower head is over your head, so it doesn’t take you space away. And the feeling of standing underneat warm shower is comparable to being caught by rain during rain season. As the rain season starts in the Afrika, everything becomes green and starts to grow. Trees grow firmer roots and get all the nutrients to grow higher and catch more sunlight. Rainfall shower head gives you just this experience – of waterdrop freely falling on your body and washing everything away, making you refreshed and stronger.

Small bathroom solution

It really is hard for one to think about walk-in shower when having a small bathroom. Ofcourse you can have one, but that will limit the space one has in the bathroom. And if not above all you should not feel claustrophobic in your own house. And you don’t have to with Playful Walk-in Shower 1000.

You can literally have this walk-in shower for less 1 square meter of space. In such a way, there is a whole variety of items you can install in the bathroom as bonus, having saved so much space.

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