Elegant DreamLine Aqua Frameless Shower Door and Shower Base

DreamLine Aqua Frameless Shower Door and Shower Base Review

One of the emerging global brands Dreamline has recently launched its frontline product, Aqua. Let us see how good the product is to the consumers, and what all the related cons are. With the Aqua frameless shower door Dreamline is adressing people who already have showers installed but would like to modernise it with an elegant shower door solution. With the door the walk-in shower base is also offered in order for the shower to stay completely in style. If there is one thing about Aqua you have to know is that is probably the single piece of bathroom design that can make your bathroom look 20 years younger.

DreamLine Aqua Frameless Shower Door and Shower Base Details

Fair shower reviews have to say unbiased things about this such as frameless shower door and shower base for example. Here we provide you the honest facts in that way. Aqua is rated and recommended at many sites. We need not have to do so the same here though. Let us discuss exact details about the Dreamline’s Aqua here.

frameless shower door dreamline aqua

Modern and elegant design of Dreamline Aqua

Here is a complete reliable and dependable solution for your bathroom remodeling tasks now. Dreamline Aqua is a wonderful solution for a remodeling the bathroom. The kit includes the shower door and a showering base. It is quite easy to do the installation. Consider places for the installation of the showerhead, as this installation does not guarantee you on a complete wall-to-wall coverage. Curved silhouette supports the doors well. Design of aqua is simple yet elegant. There is something in the curved shape of frameless shower door that really says modern and elegant at the same time and that’s exactly what many of us are going for when looking for a shower door.

Showering will feel pretty much the same to your current walk-in shower but just looking at that curved doors when entering a bathroom will make all the difference in the world. Here is one top class arrangement that can be readily installed in your house right out of the packing.. There is no need for any big expertise to understand the fixing procedures as well because you can do many of the repairs yourself if needed.

The best feature of Aqua is that is it not a whole walk-in shower kit but you can use it in any existing shower area with ease. It is like a make-up for your bathroom without every fearing it might melt away. If you are designed a completely new bathroom, then you have many other options for walk-in shower. But if you’re trying to rejuvenate and remodel your bathroom, Aqua frameless shower door should be at the top of your must list. The funny thing about Aqua is that in two reviews we’ve seen that people designing a new kitchen wanted to use the curved frameless shower door Aqua is known for. So despite people saying it’s a remodeling kind of shower kit, people are using it as the stand-alone new shower, and that’s pretty amazing testiment about the Aqua’s shower design.

shower base with drain dreamline aqua

Shower base with right hand drain installed


  • Impeccable curved shower doors that make bathroom look younger and modern
  • It is easy to reverse the installation of the doors towards the right or left side
  • Slip resistant shower base
  • Stains resistant
  • Integrated tiles ready


  • Right hand drain included. If you’re remodeling make sure you don’t have a left hand drain installed
  • Not a whole walk-in shower kit – Just the doors and the base


Most of the users have already rated the product as one of the top options in the bathroom section so far, with that being said, if we are to award 4.5 out of 5 for the product as a fair rating here, then it would be no exaggeration at all. It comes with 5 years warranty so you have nothing to lose by buying it.

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DreamLine Solo Frameless Sliding Shower Enclosure Review

DreamLine Solo Frameless Sliding Shower Enclosure Review

Dreamline brand is famous for its acrylic shower base products range and shower back walls. Solo shower enclosure is the latest hit. Let us see the pros and cons of this product here.

DreamLine Solo Frameless Sliding Shower Enclosure Details

Tempered glass with chrome hardware finishing can be ideal with best physical and chemical properties to suit the diverse showering applications in the residential apartments, public utilities and so on. Installation adjustability is the highlight here when you choose to buy the DreamLine Solo frameless sliding shower enclosure. It is slip resistant, high quality, stain resistant glass that is used in the making of the product. Top rated engineers in the industry crisply do design.

dreamline Solo Frameless Sliding Shower Enclosure

Dreamline Solo Frameless Sliding Shower Enclosure

There is no drain included in the circuit design of this frameless sliding shower enclosure to incorporate flexibility to suit a range of showering applications. Unique watertight connectivity is ensuring when you install the unit in your facility. Moreover, the outlook is quite awesome. Frameless sliding shower enclosure design is done in such a way that the outlook has a stunning appeal to pull the attraction of the visitors to your facility at once. Guests that use your bathroom will certainly comment on its best beautiful looks.

Look for the key essentials here like the competitive costs of the commodity and the warranty. You will be amazed at the price of the Solo frameless sliding shower enclosure. Space saving Solo showering enclosures can be a perfect fit for homes where you like to save space for additional installations. The shower base has a lifetime warranty from the original equipment manufacturer. See the chart, keep the tools readily in hand, and get it installed in no time. That is how so simple is this kit to be used readily from the very day of delivery to your doorsteps.

If you ever wonder about the fact that the reviews are all positive most often for this product, then that can just not the fault of the reviewers. It is neither the fault of the platform where you see the review nor the fault of the makers of the commodity as well. It is the sheer intellect of the designers  of this frameless sliding shower enclosure that have come up with one such versatile design choice. If you are not going to be interested in buying something like this premium product then you may not want one, as there are little superior frameless sliding shower enclosure options to this in the market as of now. It can supersede to all your expectations as a customer and still the costs of the product is not that higher while compared to the peers in the market.

Pros of Solo Frameless Sliding Shower Enclosure

  • Life time warranty for the base
  • Stain free glass
  • Low profile base
  • Easy installation

Cons of Solo Frameless Sliding Shower Enclosure

Small bathrooms cannot accommodate such showering kits easily.


If you are interested in finding the best option in the market to sideline the substandard offers straight away, then here is the top class product that can be completely worth for your money spent towards the purchase of it. We can award it with a complete five stars for sure.

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Why DreamLine Prime Frameless Sliding Shower Doors and Kit Shower Base is Getting So Much Attention

DreamLine Prime Frameless Sliding Shower Doors Review

DreamLine company

Dreamlike is an original equipment manufacturer of showering accessories, showering units, frameless sliding doors and related supplies. Custom-made shower doors solution masters have many tailor made items in their product list and one of the products is what we are reviewing here, as DreamLine’s Prime.

DreamLine Prime Frameless Sliding Shower Doors Details

Space saving solo showering enclosure is the product kit here. Shower base and the backing walls combine altogether as a winsome package. You do not need a larger showering space to accommodate the unit. At the same time, as it has just a frameless sliding doors, you can easily be able to access it. Low profile design for the base goes to show the deliberate attempt of the design engineer to come up with something sleek and trendy.

dreamline prime frameless Sliding Shower Doors Without Frame

DreamLine’s Prime

It is stain resistant and look refreshing in your facility with ever new looks without any big maintenance needs. The material choice for frameless sliding doors is fiberglass, which adds on to the best endurance of the unit as a whole. You can see the wall panels to have the appearance of the tiles, which is impressive to give that organic bathroom feel.

You can install the unit so easily without any big technical expertise just following the manual for guidelines. Update the entire showering spaces of yours with a versatile kit like this one from dreamlike now. Shower enclosures can be trimmed according to your size needs flexibility as it is in the usually needed in the range of thirty to forty inches at the most.

Above all, you get five years warranty for the product. Not so many options available in the market are worth the money spent towards the purchase, just like what you see here in this case. You get value additions for your money spent towards the product ad it is why most of the social media threads and forums are already pointing at this item as much recommended something in the recent times.

dreamline prime frameless Sliding Shower Doors Without Frame dimensions

Prime frameless sliding doors dimensions


It is not just the quality of the item but the features and the material specifications, which can make it a deserving product for the huge accolades, and positive reviews on the web. Here we are concerned only about the useful benefits of frameless sliding doors for the user at the end of the day more than anything else is. We are concerned about the limitations as well. Critical analysis can only reveal the intricate facts associated at any given day.

Pros of Sliding Shower Doors Without Frame

  • Dream Line’s Prime costs are competitive
  • Fiber glass provides sheer strength
  • Stain free
  • Highly durable
  • Beautiful quarter-circle design

Cons of Sliding Shower Doors Without Frame

It is not fit to be used in small bathrooms because of space constraints.

Why Buy DreamLine Prime Frameless Sliding Shower Doors

If you have keenly notice the specifications, pros and cons of the product, then you will be able to guess the rating for the product already. Yes, it has its own set of benefits and varied applications of usage, which cannot limit from any of its cons as well. Therefore, naturally the rating for this frameless sliding doors can be ideal if it is awarded four out of five here.

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Playful Walk-in Shower 1000 – Minimalist and Elegant

Walk-in shower is big and elaborate showering device. But it doesn’t have to be. Pefect for small bathrooms, Playful Walk-in Shower 1000 is minimalist in design and very useful for quick showers. In many cases we have to economise on bathroom space but don’t want to feel like we’re cramming into the shower. The Playful Walk-in Shower brings both the feeling of relaxation and the positive illusion of bathroom space.

Minimalist Walk-in Shower

Imagine installing a big walk-in shower. The walk-in shower enclosures are the biggest pieces, be it made out of plastic or glass. The shower head one can manage, the showering base can also cause some difficulties. Yet when you’ve installed the shower, you find out you have significantly less space in the bathroom and the walk-in shower is standing there like a giant of the bathroom.

playful walk-in shower

For shower to go well with the interior design of the bathroom, Playful Walk-in Shower 1000 is perfect. It does not overpower everything else in the bathroom. In fact, this shower adds to the value and the look. But just wait to step in it to see the full splendor of minimalist walk-in shower.

Playful 1000 consist of a small but elegantly made showering base. It is a foursided design and perfect to go into corners and to use that free space well. Glass walk-in shower enclosure is very simplistic. It is a frameless enclosure and needs just few bolts and screws to set it in place. Being glass it is transparent and will not visually enhance your bathroom space. The best thing about this shower is the rainfall shower head which comes with the package. A lot has been said about rainfall shower head but here is something new – it goes really well with small, simplistic walk-in shower. Such shower head is fixed and is exactly perfect for the limited spaces. No one goes into a small walk-in shower expecting to go all nuts with moveable shower head. Moveable shower head would just show you how limited space you’re in. Rainfall shower head is over your head, so it doesn’t take you space away. And the feeling of standing underneat warm shower is comparable to being caught by rain during rain season. As the rain season starts in the Afrika, everything becomes green and starts to grow. Trees grow firmer roots and get all the nutrients to grow higher and catch more sunlight. Rainfall shower head gives you just this experience – of waterdrop freely falling on your body and washing everything away, making you refreshed and stronger.

Small bathroom solution

It really is hard for one to think about walk-in shower when having a small bathroom. Ofcourse you can have one, but that will limit the space one has in the bathroom. And if not above all you should not feel claustrophobic in your own house. And you don’t have to with Playful Walk-in Shower 1000.

You can literally have this walk-in shower for less 1 square meter of space. In such a way, there is a whole variety of items you can install in the bathroom as bonus, having saved so much space.

You can also have with 10% off, with free delivery and outstanding 10 years guarantee. Now that is a deal!

Standard Neo Angle Shower

Shower is a basic piece that makes up a bathroom design. It can extravagant and makes your bathroom seem like you’ve walked into a luxurious spa. However, what most of us want is a solid and durable design. The standard here is neo angle shower. It consists of basic shower base, shower head and the associated equipment holding it and, most importantly, neo angle shower door aligned with a metal profile giving it shape and stability.

Glass Neo Angle Shower Doors

What neo angle shower comes down is the door. This is the first and the only thing you see when in bathroom so it is important to make a smart choice about which one to pick. In essence neo angle shower get’s its very name from neo angled shower door. Having three sides to it, it enables you an easy entry. The middle shower enclosure is used as an entering point into the walk-in shower while other two shower enclosures on left and right provide support and cover.

neo angle shower doors

Most standard option is glass neo angle shower enclosure. Frameless or with a metal frame, this is the most luxurious choice. Glass enclosures are known for their durability and reliability. However, one needs to be careful about being clumsy under the shower. If you slip on showering base and hit the glass enclosure, it might break. As you can see from the picture below, glass neo angle shower doors have a solid look and are very useful. The manufacturer even gives you a warranty in the case anything went wrong with the enclosure. It’s a nice looking piece of glass enclosure for less than $600. Of course you can opt for an even more stylish frameless glass shower enclosures. You will rarely find them in neo angled style thought. On general, however, frameless shower enclosures are a bit more expensive. Nevertheless if you are going to invest in your bathroom frameless enclosure solution might be best for you.

There is nothing wrong with going for standard bathroom. With neo angle shower doors you’re just adding a bit of charm to it. Before buying, however, make sure you measure the showering base so that you’ll know what size of neo angle shower doors you will need. Because neo angled doors have three sides, it’s not as simple as with ordinary walk-in shower enclosures. I would personally recommend deducating a larger bathroom area for neo angle shower. You have to take into account that you have less space because of the middle shower enclosure. This takes away showering space.

Neo angle shower base

It is also important to know what kind of shower base you should get. Ordinary shower base will not do because the shape is not right. If you want neo angle shower, you also need to have neo angle shower base. There are many too choose from and we give you an example below. The costs are less than $200 if you look for a bargain. Together with shower head the neo angle shower shouldn’t cost more tha $1000. This is a great price performance in comparison with other glass enclosured walk-in showers. Neo angle shower is simple and stylish and will fit in any bathroom. It is also a great way to fill the bathroom corner space. Corner tubs, for example, are also useful in this respect and you might consider that. But beware that they are pretty pricy compared to neo angled shower. As you see below, you can get them for less than $1000 but it really depends on if you are a showering person or a bathtubbing person in the end. However, neo angle shower is a bit more versatile and perfect for a working person who needs to get in and out of shower in 5 minutes. If you have lots of time to spare, corner tub might be a better option for relaxing and rejuvenating time.


Many people trust plastic shower enclosures more than the glass ones. Either it is because of better price performance or the durability of plastic, one has difficulty when trying to find plastic neo angle shower doors. You can find plastic neo angle shower base but there is scarcely any plastic shower enclosures that would fit neo angle shower on the market.

Overall, a solid and beautiful neo angle shower doors are essential for your bathroom to have a sound look. Together with shower head and extra installations, you are looking at a price below $1000 is you choose wisely which is fairly reasonable for such a shower.

Why Buy Corner Tub If You Can Buy Corner Whirlpool

Corner tubs are a great way to best utilize bathroom space. This, however, does not mean you are compromising on relaxation and luxury, quite the contrary. Corner tub is a sophisticated bathroom item which is not only appropriate for small bathrooms. Such tubs but can bring your rejuvenating bathtub experience that is unmatched by any walk-in shower or other kinds of showering.

Here we are featuring one of the best corner tubs your money can buy. In fact it is because they are in so great demand we are opting for this particular corner tub. And it is not even a corner tub – it is a corner whirlpool. This is KOHLER K-1154-CC-0 Corner Whirlpool.


This Kohler’s corner whirlpool is the perfect answer for the economic slowdown in 2008 and 2009 due to housing problem. With the value of housing going down and people having less and less disposable income, the natural thing was that people moved to somewhat smaller homes. With small bathrooms corner tubs have all the power because they are specifically designed to save bathroom space. The Kohler’s K-1154-CC-o Corner Whirlpool is expecially loved by small bathroom owners because they don’t have to economise on their luxury bathtub experience. Even though the tub seem to be small it is very grand in terms of relaxation and rejuvenation it provides.

Forget standard bathtubs. They are big and expensive to maintain. You can lie in them in pretty much one position, arms and leg limited to bathtub provides. Corner tubs are designed to give you extra space. In such a way, you are not limited by ceramic walls of the bathtubs and you don’t have to worry about walk-in shower enclosures. You can just spread your arms and legs wide, lay your head backwards and relax in the warm water.

It is pretty incredible how I felt switching from ordinary bathtub to a corner tub. All the extra flexibility gives you the freedom you want. Before I had to wash like in middle ages, but with my new corner whirlpool I’m feeling and being modern. I will soap for ages in the tub and even do my exercises against joint pains because of all the space I didn’t have before. (Rossie Hawthorn, 62, North Carolina)

Corner tub is of great advantage to elderly. Corner tubs for seniors provides one with the space not only to wash but to do morning exercises. Elderly people can go to spa and do some sports in the pool. This is very advantageous in order to restore the muscle tone and build additional bone mass preventing osteoporisis. People should do these kind of exercises every day. The problem is that you’re not at a spa every day and many of us don’t have pools with warm water and a water training instructor ready. But corner whirlpool has everything you need to do the exercises. Just tell your grand children to set up an online training video for you – kids are pretty knowledgibleable about this things and they will feel important when you ask them and will promptly help. Fill the corner tub with water and just follow the instructor on the monitor and do your exercises. In such a way, you will start living more active and healthy life. Working out in hot water every day will provide you with relaxating as well as added bone mass so much needed to fight osteoporosis. This is how your bathtub experience will not be limited to just lying there but you will do something good for yourself and your well-being.

If you are used to walk-in showers and walk-in bathtubs and have no experience with corner tubs now is the time to start. One has to shower or take a bath every day. Most of us see it as the thing to do, maybe even a nuissance, but with with Kohler’s corner whirlpool everything is different. Just imagine soaking in the warm water hours on end and taking a time for yourself to relax.

Lets get a bit technical. KOHLER K-1154-CC-0 Corner Whirlpool is meant to be installed in the bathroom corner and is set up specifically in the way to enable you easy and simple installation. Dimensions of 20.5 inch height, 54 inch width and 54 inch depth will enable you to figure out if you have enought room for the tub. If not, I would recommend moving something is the bathroom to fit the whirlpool in. You will certainly not regret it. Once you test the tub you’ll know that a bit of extra moving was well worthwhile. The construction is acrylic and it comes with a smooth white color finish.

What makes this tub special is the whirlpool effect that is unmatched by anything on the market. KOHLER K-1154-CC-0 Corner Whirlpool includes no less than six massage hydrojets that are flexible and powered by a hydropumps designed expecially to deliver massaging effect. These can be custom positioned while you’re taking a bath and set them up as best fit you. If you need a back rub you don’t have to try to convince your husband to do it – just set the hydrojets and enjoy. It’s like having 6 hands on you at any time, taking away pain from your muscles and joints. Needless to say manufacturer’s warranty is included in the deal.

Trying to trick my husband to give me a massage is almost impossible, and even if I do manage it, he grunts away. Some men were just not build for giving a massage. But now I have my whirlpool bathtub with six jets. I set them up to massage my back and my feet at the same time. The feeling is so good and I just can’t get enough of it. (Alice, 51, California)

corner tubs

Kohler is a well known bathtub manufacturer and they instantly adress every issue their customers might have. KOHLER K-1155-0 5454 Corner Bath is a great example of standard corner tub you might also like if you’re buying on the budget.

Nevertheless, if you are going for relaxing experience equivalent with 3 people massaging you, the whirlpool tub is the way to go. The price is very affordable giving the fact that you will use the tub every day. For just something above $1,000 this is the best price performance corner tub you can get your hands on. You might opt for other more expensive bathtubs, such as Eago AM505 Corner Whirlpool Bathtub which will cost you more than $2,500 with no additional advantages.

Moneywise Kohler’s whirlpool tub is a smart choice. The thing about these tubs is also that in the long run consumption of water is lower. When you are showering the water is literally being wash away. With corner tubs, you fill the hot water in the tub and soak away without using any more additional water.

It is due time to do something for yourself every day.

Make a smart choice and opt for price performance best corner tub on the market, the KOHLER K-1154-CC-0 Corner Whirlpool.