Walk In Tubs for Seniors Review

Can anyone stress enough how important it is for seniors to have a nice and clean bathroom? Washing oneself is essential for good hygiene and good mode. Walk In Tubs for Seniors are a nice addition to a wholesome body treatment. With reasonable Walk In Tubs prices it is not hard to get one. But which Walk in Tub is the best, what to look for? Walk In Tubs for Seniors review adresses just this questions.

I’m looking at Walk in Tubs for Seniors

If you already have a place in your bathroom for a bathtub then you probably know what you are looking for. Walk in Tubs are not that different from normal bathtubs. Everybody knows the refreshing feeling taking a bath brings. It doesn’t matter if you are old or young, senior or a grandchild – everybody like to splash in the water.

walk in tubs for seniors

Walk in Tubs are great for elderly because of how they are designed. With normal bathtub one has to be quite athletic to get in. There is at least 2 feet high side wall in your way. Your grandchildren will quite easily jump into the water; but with years this ability is a bit diminished. Problem ocurres expecially for disabled. For example if you are on a wheelchair you should have a wheelchair accessible bathtub. It is the same for older people. If you are a senior you should have a walk in tub for seniors.

A special feature of walk in tub is a door in the tub wall. It opens and you don’t have to jump over into the bathtub. Very simply you just walk in, as the name suggests. On the other hand, if you have a wheelchair, you can drive it in the tub. Walk in Tubs for Seniors are very easy and comfortable to use.


Can I take a bath myself?

What older generation asks many times is if they need help taking a shower. They older we get the more reliable we all become. And at certain time a nurse or a relative helping us with our daily activities is needed and this is totally normal. One of the activities is showering or taking a bath. In most cases we need assistance to do it but once in a while it would be nice for us overselves to do it. It will also take a small load of people who assist the elderly.

The point of Walk in Tubs for Seniors is for elderly to be able to take a bath without assistance. One can imagine getting in quite easily through walk in tub doors. And there you go, all you have to do is sit there and relax. Many walk in baths offer variety of different extras. Why only take a tub if you can also use massage currents that are installed inside walk in tub?

Such bathtubs will not only make you clean. Hygiene is of course important but this is an experience we are getting. Being self-sufficent is a very important feeling we must have.


What kind of Walk in Tub Characteristics should I be expecting

The basic walk in tub design is always the same – a tub with the water source and a walk in bathtub door for seniors to be able to get in. But there are many more extras you get with it. Let’s see how these Walk in Tub Characteristics can enrich your bathroom experience.

Massage Injectors. There are nowadays standard equipment in walk in tubs for seniors. They push water into the tub under pressure and create a massaging injector for you to enjoy. The more advanced walk in bathtubs will have bubble effect connected with tub injectors. In our walk in tubs for seniors review we can tell you that having 4 to 12 massage bubble injectors feels quite nice. It is a worthy addition to the whole taking the bath experience. Adjustable injectors are the best – there you can adjust the power and direction of tub bubble streams. Usually tub injectors are powered by an air blower. If checking out different tubs make sure that you see 1 HP air blower written somewhere under tub specifications. Walk in tubs price can increase depending on the number of massage injector nuzzles.

Water Jets. Massage injectors work together with bubble injectors. They are fully adjustable and can direct water wherever you want. Even though you are an elderly person, you can have a control of everything in walk in tub designed for seniors. Water is propelled by water pump, usually a 1 HP pump. You want to look for more than 10 walk in tub water jets if you enjoy a nice bathtub. Addition of water jets can impact walk in tubs prices substantially. If you do not need them, you can save 200-500$ buying a walk in tub for seniors.

Water heater. Most of us love taking a bath for relaxation. However, after certain time water becomes too cold for our comfort. Walk in tubs for seniors developers have solved this problem by installing a friction heater in the side of walk in bathtubs. This heats the water for prolonged period of time. If you want to take a bath for 5 hours you can do so because the heater keep the water temperature high enough. Some bathtubs have a temperature regulator. You can set up water temperature of the tub to your liking and it will stay that way. If you want hotter water, just slike the scale to the up side, and visa versa. The beauty of it is that as a senior you can be in a total control of tub water temperature. Even though you might be disabled or need a wheelchair, sliding the button for tub water temperature is as easy as it sounds. Water heater for walk in tubs for seniors is a new addition and might cost you quite a bit of extra money. Walk in bathtub prices can go up even $1000 with the addition of an advanced water heater.

Walk in tub design. Design of course mean how the walk in tub looks. But it is also how it function. The special features such as massage injectors, water heater and water jets can be controlled by seniors with a pneumatic button control. Designed expecially for elderly generation this walk in tub control system is simple and easy to use. A good looking walk in bathtub is also important. If you are buying it for your bathroom make sure it fits in easily. That means that the dimensions are right and that the color of the tub fits your bathroom. With the walk in tub dimensions there is a rule of thumb: you will usually need a showering base of 50×30 inches. Such tubs are usually 40 inches high and have a 30 inches depth. Walk in tub color and material is also important. White is the usual choice, with white finish and you can be certain that seniors will be glad with such colors. Extra features such as polished chrome trim can also be ordered, although it will increase walk in tub price a bit.

Walk in tub maintenance. Everything with walk in bathtubs is designed to be helpful to seniors. But in many cases seniors can’t do the maintenance themselves. So it is nice to know family and friends are able to help out. For this you have to look for removable panels. The door or front access panels should be easy to take down and fix. You can go for non-removable but will have additional costs and problems paying bathroom installer and repair fees. Walk in tub panels are where majority of problems might arise. But don’t you worry…

…with many walk in tubs for seniors you will get a 10 years warranty. That means if anything goes wrong with it you can count on the walk in tub selling company to assist. 10 years only shows how well developed walk in bathtubs for seniors are – they don’t break easily. They are meant to last and as a senior a shower or tub with little or no maintanance is exactly what you want to buy.


Walk in Tubs prices – senior friendly?

Walk in tubs for seniors have a certain price range. They are not the very cheap version of what your bathroom can handle. Tubs for seniors are considered a luxury and in fact the experience one has is quite worth the money. Elderly people rarely have a lot of money they are prepared to spend on shower or tub. But in the case of walk in tubs for elderly there is quite a difference. We take tubs every day and if you are very old or disabled taking a bath every day might be a nuissance. It is of course necessary to shower for personal hygiene and well-being. Walk in showers are perfect solution to make an everyday nuissance a wonderful experience. That’s why paying a bit of extra is not a rare occuranc. Plus you have bragging rights and can showcase your own walk in tub to neighbours and elderly friends who come visit. And the grandchildren love it because it looks like a spectacle in bathroom.

With walk in tub prices you can go from standard to very luxury ones, starting with as low as $1000 to as high as above $5000. With this walk in tubs for seniors review we can created three price ranges so you can see what you should be getting for your buck.

$1000-$2000: A basic walk in tub for elderly people. These bathtubs are a standard old school tubs that in many cases don’t have water jets or bubble massage injectors. However, they are perfectly fine and durable. They are bacteria and mold resistant. They work with the same safe step walk in tubs principle as the more expensive ones.

$2000-$4000: An advanced walk in tubs for seniors. These are usually the most sold tubs, providing best price performance. Walk in tubs prices of this kind will provide you with additional walk in tub features. You can expect bubble massage injectors and more than 10 water jets. Water heater is in the package in many cases but not all. The great thing about this middle price range is the long warranty. If someone is willing to reimburst your walk in tub for elderly for 10 years that is a proof it really works well.

$4000 and more: Such walk in tubs price will provide you with a bathtub and experience. It is one of the most luxurious home equipment money can buy. Expect every feature in the book, from quality water heaters to massage bubbles anywhere. Additional assistance for wheelchair accessibility and for disabled elderly can be expected. As far as design is concerned you have a free hand to choose whatever color or nuzzle position you want. There is no shortage of elderly people that will tell you that walk in tub for seniors was the best money they ever spent.


Where to buy Walk in Tubs for Seniors?

The simplest way is by driving to the nearest home decor store. But the problem here is that the choice you get is very limited and you might not be getting the best walk in tub for you money.

A good way is by shopping over the internet. There are many different providers such as Senior Bath Tub, Home Depot or Safety Bath. In such a way you are free to compare walk in tubs prices, designs and extra features such as walk in tub panels.

Always remember walk in tub for seniors is a lifetime investment that will enrich your life and last. Durable walk in tubs for seniors are a bit pricy but in most cases well worth the money. You just have to clear the bathroom space and pick the right one. Walk in tub will take care for your well-being every day.

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