Walk-in Shower Screens

Walk-in showers consist of two or three basic things, and one of these creates the visual effect. We are ofcourse talking about walk-in shower screens. One might know them as walk-in shower enclosures, which is a more broad subject. Walk-in shower screen is that piece of glass or plastic that gives your walk-in shower the form and the elegance. If we want to brag around about how beautiful our shower looks like, we better take a better look at shower screen we are going to use.

Shower screen is a more modern invention. In the past you only needed shower head and didn’t care much if water drips all over the bathroom. Nor did one can much about how it looks – because hey it’s just a shower. It’s intention is to wash oneself, who cares about the looks? Well, modern bathroom is a thing of splendor. It is true that we spend most of our time in the bedroom and as such should put quite a lot of time and money in designing it, but bathroom is just as important. Bathroom is the place to relax. Walk-in shower screens are a great part of how bathroom feels to us because it is pretty much the biggest piece in there. Toilet and mirrors are important but the first thing somebody notices when entering a bathroom is the shower. And not the piping system or the shower head but the enclosure consisting of shower screen and the surrounding material to give it stability.

walk-in shower screens

Ofcourse one can also find frameless shower enclosures; or as to say in another way one can also find shower screens. These screens are usually made of pure high quality glass with the transparent plastic in between two slices of glass. This is carefully designed so that if the glass breaks we don’t cut ourselves on all the glass pieces. This plastic in the glass enables glass to break but to stay together and keeps us safe.

The function of walk-in shower screen is to prevent water from escaping the shower and dripping on the bathroom floor. But every screen does that; so the main point here is how it looks. You can go for simple transparent glass for a classic but elegant look. Such screen glass can also be painted in a unique way to enrich your bathroom with color and style. Glass screen can be a little bit pricy as well.

On the other hand, walk-in shower screen can also be made completely with plastic. This is a very safe choice, especially for seniors and elderly people, because plastic does break as glass does. In such a way, there is less problems with potential shower injury. It is also less expensive. If you are buying on the budget take care to opt for plastic screens which are as durable as glass but are safer and cheaper.

Important thing to notice with walk-in shower screen is how it performs during showering. Some shower enclosures retain water and the water remains on them even after showering. This is not good because permanant water damages glass and plastic alike. Bacteria can form and shower smells. Smooth glass and plastic screens are the best in this cause because they do not retain water as rougher materials.

Custom shower screens can also be made. If you want unique enclosures, you don’t go to the store but you contact custom shower door provider. You can find more about what different manufacturers and custom shower doors offer here.

In the end, your bathroom is important. The way it feels is connected with the way it looks. And walk-in shower screens are responsible of how it looks. So make your decision based on what you like and what you are; because when people will enter your bathroom they’ll judge it and you by what kind of shower screen they see first.

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