Frameless Glass Enclosure for Walk-in Shower

A lot has been said about frameless glass enclosure as a walk-in shower enclosure. There are basically two ways to think of glass. First one is the beauty. Frameless glass enclosure is elegant and gives away a spirit of class. By installing it you instantly transform a bathroom in a modern unique creation and every other decour lights up in the presence of elegant glass. As one enters the showering room glass, being complete unsupported by any frame, is a splendid idea to give an awe to visitors. Having shower in such an environment feels you with joy and relaxation. But this relaxation becomes at a cost.

The first concern of having glass in shower is the second way of thought about frameless glass enclosures. Even though it is solid and stable, glass is nevertheless connected with shattering. What if the glass breaks? Glass is a very delicate material, especially if used in the bathroom. We more around the showering place, knocking here and there and one misstep on slippy floor is enough for us to shatter the glass. We believe that the whole frameless glass enclosure will fall to pieces and we and our close ones will get injured not only by the fall, but by glass pieces that could produce devastating damage to exposed human body.

frameless glass enclosure

So in short one has to make a compromise between the splendid look of frameless glass and the potential injury. But is actually not quite so. It is true that plastic walk-in shower enclosures are safer than glass walk-in shower enclosure but not by far. Glass enclosures for bathroom are made with a specific technique that produces very hard glass that is not easily shattered. Not only is such a glass hard but it is also flexible. In such a way, if you bump against it with your knee for example it will not instantly break. Such walk-in enclosures have a certain breaking point which far surpasses ordinary glass. One can easily break a window glass but it is much more harder to break walk-in shower glass enclosure.

This flexibility is the result of the glass as well of the structure of enclosure. Frameless glass enclosure is comprised of two pieces of glass, separated by a piece of tangible plastic. Glass is literally glued to this plastic and upon breaking stays together with it. This means that when you unfortunately break the glass, you will have little or no injury from glass. It will stay together like a front car window.

Nevertheless, precautions should be made when considering to buy walk-in frameless glass enclosure. A large bathroom is great to have, with lots of showering room. Shower base should be larger than with normal enclosures in order to move more freely and prevent contact with the glass. If you have plastic or solid enclosures, you can touch them, even put your weight on them to stabilize yourself. Not so with frameless glass enclosure. This is why it is good to install additional handles in the showering room if you are in need to hold something when you’re washing your feet for example.

Overall, frameless glass is a luxury you can afford. The prices are little higher than normal glass enclosures and you don’t need to worry about breaking it that much. Glass is very durable. An average walk-in shower glass enclosure will easily last for 10 years if not more. So you’re looking at a one time investment that can change the way you look at your bathroom. In one splendid move you can transform a classic bathroom into a modern one with frameless glass enclosures.

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