Walk-in Shower Enclosures Models – Plastic, Glass, Solid

Walk-in Shower Enclosures Models

Modern day walk-in showers are glamorous pieces of bathroom intern design. Despite all the sophistication put in the creation process of this pricy new way of showering, the basic elements of which walk-in showers consist of are still two – shower head or heads and shower enclosures.

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Walk-in Shower Enclosures

Purpose of show head is obvious – it is a source of water to shower with. On the other hand, purpose of walk-in shower enclosures is to prevent water coming from shower head spraying all over the bathroom. Enclosures are not there only to contain water, but also in some degree to efficiently channel it to the drain. This is very important when we think about elderly people who are going to use walk in tubs. For example walk in tubs for seniors should be very easy to use even by disabled people.

There are a number of walk-in shower enclosures in use. They vary in materials they consist of and in the shape of enclosures themselves. Below different models of these enclosures are presented and described. What we want to know of different models is primarily how they look and also what is the price range increase we can expect when we are buying walk-in showers containing certain enclosures.

Concerning the material, let us start with the most basic material.

PLASTIC walk-in shower enclosure

walk-in shower enclosures

As you see from the photo above, plastic enclosure if done in a right way can give a feeling of certain elegance. It is also very safe – unlike glass enclosures, which can be broken into sharp pieces, plastic one provides a shower safe environment. You don’t need to worry about slipping in the shower when surrounded by this material. It can, however, be very strong and will not give way quickly, even though a substantial pressure is put upon it, making it another plus in favor of plastic enclosure. Of course, not every plastic enclosure looks like this one – they come in many different shapes and sizes. While this one is see through and offers little intimacy, other plastic designs can be less transparent, revealing little or no insight of what is happening inside. An important difference between plastic is glass walk-in shower enclosures is that glass ones repel water with more ease and are as such more capable of keeping transparence. On the other hand, water holds to plastic better and in time you might find your at first very open shower are completely non-transparant because of the all water droplets that are holding on to your enclosures.

What everybody loves about plastic enclosures is that they are really cheap in relation to other alternatives, such as glass or solid enclosures. Prices start from as low as 50$ on eBay or Alibaba, and you can even get better deals. Not only as a single item, but complete walk-in showers which have plastic enclosing are in a very low price range.

If you are looking for affordable yet still stylish enclosing, this is the one you should choose. Because of their safety there are also recommended for families with small children. However, if you have an eye for luxuries in your bathroom, this is definitely a material for enclosures to avoid.

Next one on the list is GLASS walk-in shower enclosure

walk-in shower enclosures

At first sight similar to plastic ones, but when you look at it more closely and touch it, you get a feeling of luxury on the tips of your fingers. As you see in the photo, glass really makes your bathroom more elegant and unique. A great quality of such an enclosure is that glass is sufficiently solid to hold even heavier items. Here we see that shower head and all the other equipment is inside the glass, which is more than capable of supporting all of it. Nonetheless, safety measures should be taken. Beautiful to look upon, but dangerous when broken, glass can quickly turn against you. Always be careful of the fragility of it, especially when expressing some passion towards your partner under the shower. In other regard, glass enclosures are a very see through and leave little to imagination to an outside viewer. Concerning the house chores, glass enclosures are very easily cleaned and will also tend to shake of the algae or other nasty things that might start to grow on plastic enclosures, if left messy for long periods of time.

A price tag for walk-in shower glass enclosures is very middle class and still affordable. Prices range from as low as 200$ for a small, very simple design, to as much as 10.000$ for luxurious for a magnificent custom made design.

If you have a deeper pocket and would like something extra from time to time, a glass enclosure is a perfect treat to have. However, I would highly advise against buying such an enclosure if the walk-in shower is going to be used by children. What is also very important is that the enclosures fit with the design of your bathroom. Glass enclosures can, together with glass window and mirrors, form a silver lining of the bathroom. So a word of advice – always plan before doing any kind of shopping for intern design. If it all fits on paper, chances are all will fit in reality. If you don’t feel confident enough to decorate the bathroom yourself, there are a number of intern designers that will be glad to help you. And guess what is their most common suggestion regarding the enclosure? You guessed it – glass enclosures.

The last one is the SOLID enclosure.

Ever wanted to take a shower like a Roman or a Greek in antiquity? Their enclosures were not glass and certainly not plastic – they were out of hard stone decorated with hundreds and thousands of ceramic pieces, forming mosaics. Solid enclosures take the first place in both luxury look and beauty. Here nothing is moving, there are no doors as with glass or plastic enclosures – you can feel like Caesar himself. Needless to say, dangers of hard stone are still there. You won’t break it like you would break the glass enclosure, rather it will break you if you fall on solid enclosure. In this regard, it is very important to choose a walk-in shower with a very robust surface, which will make accidents such a slipping on the floor less likely. The view from outside is of a steamy shower. Whereas water droplets could condense on plastic or glass surface and everything in the shower became blurred, solid hard rock enclosures are always transparent because they are not located all around you as other enclosures are.

Added value of solid enclosures is that you can use them as kind of stands. You can sit on them, put your wine glass on them or even wait till your champaign chills on them. They are considerably more useful and less dangerous when having passionate moments with your partner.

Another advantage is that there are so many different kinds of solid walk-in shower enclosures designs out there. You have various different types of stones and ceramics. You can have your enclosures in different colors which is almost impossible with glass or plastic enclosures.

What is very important, however, even more than with glass enclosures, is that you design the bathroom with solid enclosures in mind. They are part of the main structure, the framework of the bathroom, and once installed cannot be simple moved, reshaped or thrown away as easily as other materials. In such a way, they are a fundamental building block and one of the major factors of how your bathroom as a whole will look and feel like.

Considering you have to take into an account that solid enclosures are permanent, with little need of replacing it, they justify a bigger one time expenditure. This is of course also known to walk-in shower providers, so the prices are in the very high range. On the other hand, solid enclosures often demand a big space in your bathroom, which may be seen as a disadvantage. Yet if you want to make your bathroom unique and you have no problems spending a bit of money for that, than a solid rock enclosures are definitely the way to go.

There is, however, another material an enclosure could be made of and it cost nothing. If you really like to feel and be open under your shower, than an ALL OPEN shower can be your choice. Corner tub for example is a great all open solution that does not require any shower enclosures.

This approach has its drawback. Namely the enclosures are there for a reason. Without them as in all open design in the photo about, water is free to go almost anywhere, and you must be very careful when taken a shower. If not, your couch and rug could also be enjoying a part the shower, but I don’t think you would be pleased by this.

Walk-in shower enclosures are definitely something to think about when designing the bathroom. There are many aspects to consider, including safety, the look and feel, and the price of an enclosure. But no matter what model of the enclosure you might choose for your bathroom, always keep in mind that the best bathroom is the one you feel more comfortable in. But if you wish to impress someone with the enclosure, do try to come up with a solid designs that can be best fitted for your needs and taste.











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