Types Of Shower Heads

Types of shower heads

The great invention in the beginning of 20th century showering was a shower head. Before that buckets of water were used to achieve the effect of purring the water on top of people. The invention has seen a lot of upgrades during the years of its existence. The most innovation was done in designing different types of shower heads and today there multiple types of shower heads to choose from when picking your walk-in shower. Here we will present some great types of shower heads.

What varies from shower head to shower head is the design, the functionality and importantly the water profile which makes specific types of shower heads. Water profile of a shower head is the one thing that does affect the showering experience. On the other hand, the design is beautiful to look upon, the functionality is pretty much the same will all types of shower heads, but the water profile conjures up the feel of the shower. Not only does the feel effect in you in those 10 to 20 minutes while you are taking a shower, it also gives you a welcoming perspective about getting under the shower and making it joyful experience.

Types Of Shower Heads

First one on the list of great types of shower heads is the most basic one – full-body shower head water profile.  This is the one that really goes back to the basics. All the nozzles in these types of shower heads are delivering the water. In this way, all the body is reached and these kinds of types of shower heads usually serve as a golden standard of shower heads. However, the water consumption is also the highest so don’t use it excessively.


Next one up is the more on the exotic side of types of shower heads – a pulsating massage water profile shower head. Here only some of the nozzles are used to deliver the water. Water is released in the pulsating way, sprinkling little bit here little bit there creating a massage like effect. With these kinds of types of shower heads you don’t need an expensive jacuzzi if you want a massage, you can just go have a shower in walk-in shower and have the same experience.

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There are several types of shower heads that prove the massage effect. The slow massage shower head, for example, has the same water profile like pulsating massage with one difference – here the water current is constant so there is no pulsating effect. This means that massage effect is there throughout the shower. Another example is full body + massage shower head which is a combination of a full-body shower head with a pulsating massage water profile. The net effect of combining these two types of shower heads is the effective full-body showering with an additional massaging effect so you can get clean as thoroughly as possible while at the same time enjoying the pulsating massage. Circular massage can be delivered by a certain types of shower heads which have a very distinct water profile. The nozzles deliver water in a circular manner in kind of spiraling action of the nozzles creating circular or rather spiral water forms that hit your body and massage it.

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There are also other rather elaborate types of shower heads. Misting shower head recreates the mist by delivering the water in a very particular way. Of course this mist can wash you more than an ordinary mist, but is has the same effect as the regular mist. If you are feeling mystified you should try this one for a change. Drenching rain is the opposite type of shower head, that delivers a wide spread of water in much the same way as full-body shower head, but with greater water speed making you feel like you’re inside of a water blizzard. The great thing about this is that it is super effective and is perfect if you are in a hurry and have to take a quick shower. Powerspray shower heads are, on the other hand, types of shower heads that gives you the same effect as drenching rain, but it is more concentrated and less wide. With this one you can feel the power of the water hitting you. Contrary to powerspray, water saving trickle shower head is when you have time to experience a lasting slow shower. It is a great way of saving water if you have time to spend.

The combinations of existing types of shower heads are also shower enthusiasts favorites. Full body + powerspray will deliver an experience you might have if you step under the waterfall with water rushing on top of you. Circular massage + mist is also a very good combination which provides you with spiraling sprays of mist that are not only wonderful to observe, but feel amazing when hitting your body.



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