Neo Angle Shower Doors

Neo angle shower doors

If you want to know the inns and out of walk-in shower designs, you have to focus on one key item – the walk-in shower door. It is a simple piece of hardware, but essential for determining the looks of your bathroom. If you look at a walk-in shower what you mostly see is the shower doors. The fact is that more than 80% of our visual field of shower actually consists of the shower doors. Neo angle shower doors are a simple and minimalistic designed shower doors which we are all quite familiar off. Due to its simple and clean design neo angle shower doors are one of the most common shower door designs out there.

Neo angle shower doors consist of three parts. They are all pretty much equal in size but differ in the angle at which you look at them and the functionality. The first part is the actual neo angle shower doors. They are the thing you open when you enter the shower and represent a majority of the walk-in showers view as seen from the center of the bathroom. On each side of neo angle shower doors are the fixed shower enclosures that hold water from spraying all over the bathroom. These three pieces comprise the neo angle shower doors.

Neo Angle Shower Doors

These kinds of doors are commonly used when we have a walk-in shower in the corner of the bathroom. There are ways neo angle shower doors can be used even though the walk-in shower in not situated in the corner, but you will need more than three pieces for such design. The great thing about these shower doors is that they enable us to use bathroom space in a smart and efficient way. Putting walk-in shower in the corner is not only useful considering the minimal size they enclose, but is also loved by interior designers to create a bathroom masterpiece with the use of corner walk-in shower. Usually this is because within the bathroom design we want to minimize the effect walk-in shower have just because they are so overwhelming big. They are a natural center piece but most interior designers are in agreement that the mirror should hold that pace. By putting a walk-in shower in the corner, for which neo angle shower doors are necessary, we can in part decrease the size and the effect walk-in shower has to the look of the bathroom. In such a way, the mirror and other things loved by bathroom interior designers can come into focus which makes a bathroom better looking and adds the much needed style.

On the other hand, neo angle shower doors are very safe even if they break. The fact that they are combined three pieces increases the likelihood of the pieces supporting each other if by some accident walk-in shower crashes down.

The basic functionality of the neo angle shower doors is to hold water at bay, so to say. Usually places in the corner, only half of the water actually touches the neo angle shower doors and the other half splashed on the walls. Thus we can enjoy the solid stone or ceramics on one side and have an elegant solution with neo angle shower doors on the other. This serves both purposes – namely, when under shower most people have a need to balance themselves by touching something. If you have a full walk-in shower enclosure made out of glass or plastic that might not be such a good idea while the safely is concerned. On the other hand, if you have half of the walk-in shower consisting of a fixed immovable wall, you can relax and balance yourself with holding that instead of glass enclosures. Nonetheless, the functionality of coming and going out of the shower is there all the same, so you get the best of both worlds.

Not only are neo angle shower doors tasteful to look upon, they also have some additional practical value. As a matter of fact, you can leave your towel hanging right there on the neo angle shower doors – on the other side of the door of course – and don’t have to worry about misplacing or wetting the towel. One of the best features is also that this kind of door doesn’t jam as much as other kinds of shower doors. The unique simplicity of the design enables smooth sliding of the door on the rails. This in majority of shower stops functioning without regular maintenance but with neo angle shower doors the smoothness persist long after you bought the walk-in shower.

If you are intending to buy one for yourself, first of course check if you have a corner place in the bathroom ready to fill with it. With this in mind, you are looking at spending more or less $200 for such walk-in shower design with neo angle shower doors. The range is very wide, and the costs usually go up if you switch from plastic doors to glass ones and with the quality of the glass itself. However, you have to take into account the space you are saving in the bathroom by using the corner so well and the better looks of it. On the later, price cannot be put but we believe everyone want to have a visual ‘wow’ when presenting their bathroom to friends and family.

A unique and agile design associated with these kinds of shower does is essential for their success on the market. Today these doors are the first choice if you have a corner to spare in a smaller bathroom. There are also seen in the larger bathroom especially because they are so advantageous to have in modern interior design sense. Neo angle shower doors are a wonder to walk through and they offer the same functionality as any other shower doors for lower price and better looks. If you look upon it another way – if everybody’s filling their bathroom corners with walk-in shower with neo angle shower doors, why should I do the same?

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