American Standard Walk-in Tubs Review of 2015


Modernizing Your Bathroom

Is your restroom in need of a stylish, proper make-over? Are you looking to change your current appliances because you’re unsatisfied with their performance and high-maintenance requirements? Or are you merely interested in revamping the overall look of your lavatory by adding in a few posh, well-placed details? Whatever you’re keen on doing, you’ve come to the right place to find replacements or purchase new, durable items that can modernize your bathroom or restore its former glow. We have prepared American Standard Walk-in tubs review of 2015 just to give you some ideas about how to enhance your bathroom supply.

Walk-in Bathtubs

Let’s take a look at the centerpiece of your restroom that can make or break your interior design – your bathtub. If you’re renovating your parents’ lavatory or you’re interested in changing up this corner of your home to accommodate an elderly family member, then you might be interested in acquiring a walk-in bath tub. Entering and exiting your bath tub brings about a heap of mishaps or potential life-threating risks when it comes to seniors or people with certain physical disabilities. Purchasing a product with a walk-in feature is an economical, reliable solution to this problem. This type of brand offers easy access, comfort and most importantly, safety. It’s your best option if your top priorities are security and function, but also design. Here you will find the key-features you should be on the lookout for when it comes to your product and honest walk-in bath tubs reviews to help you choose the right brand for you and your family.

American Standard Walk-in Tubs

If you’ve researched walk-in bath tubs reviews beforehand, you’ve probably come across the name American Standard. This brand is well-known for its reliability and high-quality merchandise, as well as outstanding customer support services. Their browsing catalogue allows for a quick, easy search, particularized for your needs and requirements concerning installation, width, length and other similar features. Renowned for providing relaxation, comfort and style for the past 140 years, American Standard offers a captivating variety of products, including its latest addition – the Cadet Freestanding Soaker Tub.

Standard American Cambridge Bath Tub

american standard walk-in tubs

Standard American Cambridge Bath Tub

One of the best American Standard walk-in tubs currently on the market is the Cambridge 5-feet bath tub with left-hand drain. The main reason why this product stands out from all the rest is the material it’s constructed from, namely americast. This is a revolutionary alternative to the conventional cast iron, allowing for the bath tub to be integrated deeper, flatter and become more spacious, and is exclusively available from American Standard. As opposed to your typical cast iron tub, this bath tub is 50% lighter and more durable, while at the same time being a more economically-sound option than the more traditional versions out there. In addition, it has an integral apron which lowers your fitting costs and allows for a more accessible installation. This means that the bathroom facing side of the tub is already finished. This 32 x 60 x 17.8 inches product weighs 240 pounds and can fit between 50-60 gallons of water. Made out of porcelain and with a white finish, it is installed with a three wall alcove and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Pros and Cons of American Standard Cambridge Bath Tub

One of the cons of choosing this as your future bathroom appliance is the limited design options. That being said, this product is only available in bone, linen and white finishes. On the other hand, the tub comes with a beveled headrest and a lumbar supportive contour. Mats become filthy very quickly and are proven to be unsanitary accessories for your restroom. Fortunately, there is no need for such items if you purchase one of these American Standard walk-in tubs, as it has been devised to be fully slip-resistant. So leakage and potential slipping hazards are not problems you’ll have to deal with. It’s important when buying any appliance for your home to check as many walk-in bath tubs reviews, but also how they stand when it comes to abiding to the regulations and safety requirements. This product complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act and has a bath seat installed at the end of the tub, providing both accessibility and safety to those in need of an easy and effective way to maneuver.

Installing American Standard Bathtub

Even if you’ve gathered the financial resources to buy your future product, it’s considerably harder to find motivation for actually going through the nitty-gritty of installing the appliance. It’s often a never-ending hassle and if not done right, requires subsequent revisions, as well as more money out of your pocket. We often find ourselves putting off redecorations just because there’s too much inconvenience involved. With these American Standard walk-in tubs, you can throw all your excuses out the window. The Cambridge fits smoothly into standard bath alcoves, as it has a 32-inch width. Additionally, since the tub features an integral apron, there is no need to build a supportive platform either. In order to allow a quick and easy installation, the bath tub also features an integral tile flange along the three wall sides of the tub. When you are setting the tile that meets with the tub, the flange makes sure the tub stays in place. This is a product that doesn’t commend any complications to occur. It’s designed for a smooth, clean installation, with low costs and very little effort on the part of the plumber.

Other American Standard Bathtubs – Look for 4 to 5 Stars Reviews

If you want to be extra cautious when choosing your product, you might want to consider checking out what others thought about their purchase, by taking a look at walk-in bath tubs reviews. For these American Standard walk-in tubs, the customer reviews are mostly 4 or 5 stars, with very few people reporting issues with the installation or the state of the product after delivery. This tub is a low-maintenance, economical option for you and your family. It’s very easy to clean and doesn’t require a great amount of rinsing. The no slip bottom is the only part of this appliance that requires special attention, as it tends to gather dirt more easily than the rest of the tub. Unlike a cast iron brand, these types of American Standard walk-in tubs keeps the water warm and allows you the space you need for a refreshing bathing experience. It does everything a cast iron product would do for half the weight. In regards to customer support, the manufacturer’s warranty can be requested from customer service. If you’re keen on having the highest water level for deep soaking, you should consider offering the special drain kit offered by American Standard. The back of the tub is slightly slanted for comfort and the lower apron has a removable decal.

Bathtubs Bottomline

Whether the remarkable walk-in bath tubs reviews already won you over, or you’re still debating if this is the right model for you, make sure to keep this American Standard item in your bookmark, because you’re certain to return to it at some point. If you’re looking for high-quality for a low price and not too much hassle when it comes to installation, then this product is an excellent choice for you and your family.




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