Walk-In Shower Benefits

What is a Walk-in Shower?

It is basically the most efficient way to shower, both in terms of space of your bathroom and time needed to take a shower. Consisting only of few parts such as walk-in shower base and walk-in shower enclosures, a standard walk-in shower can even take less than 1 square m of bathroom space. And because it is so accessible – basically you just walk into the shower – you can take a quick shower in less than 2 minutes. So walk-in shower is a way to get a quick 2 minutes shower on less than 1 square m. Of course with the more luxurious walk-in showers you will want to stay longer and spend a bit more space for the luxury.

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Quick Shower will reduce water bill by 30%

Step-in shower will not only save you time and bathroom space. Water consumption while showering is very high. In the US, an average water consumption is between 80 and 100 gallons per day. We use 30 gallon of that for an average shower. Walk-in showers are specifically designed for active people who want to be effective and help saving the environment.

You can see from infographics below how much time and bathroom space we spend on standard showers. The biggest difference between a standard shower and walk-in shower, however, is in water consumption. As you can see, we can save almost 90% of water washing in walk-in shower. Here are 3 reasons why walk-in showers are becoming so popular in modern bathroom design.

Standard vs walk-in shower

Smart Shower – Save $1000/year on water with Walk-in Shower

Time in modern times is essential to have. If you can wake up and shower in 2 minutes that is quite an advantage for active person.

Many of us don’t have big bathrooms. If you are looking for something space friendly, walk-in shower is perfect for small bathrooms. Not only it will not take 30 sq feet of space, being so small you can place it wherever you want. This dramatically changes how you look at bathroom design. Because walk-in shower is a stand alone unit, you can use it in a corner or even in the center of the bathroom.

But the biggest advantage of this quick shower is how much you can save on your water bill. Water is pretty expensive these day, with water prices rising more than 40% from 2010. Almost half of the water is used for showering and bathtubing. Well, not with walk-in shower. As you can see below an average water bill can exceed $300 in some US cities such as Seattle and Atlanta. So people are paying more than $100 a month for luxury of taking a shower. What walk-in shower can do for you is cut that bill for almost $100. If we do the math on a yearly scale, that is more than $1000 that you can save each year.

walk in shower us water prices

What does Walk-in Shower Consist Of

Walk-in shower is very easy to install because it only has few major parts. It consist of the following hardware:

  1. Walk-in Shower Base with water drainage
  2. Walk-in Shower Enclosures
  3. Shower head with preferably reduced water consumption

While a standard shower with tub is rather complex and big unit, walk-in showers are designed to be easily assembled. You can buy a whole package or just the parts you need. Some bathroom designers do prefer buying a whole shower because everything already fits together. If you are thinking of buying shower parts seperately be careful about walk-in shower dimension. Not every shower enclosure will fit every walk-in shower base for example.

The best thing is that you can install step-in shower yourself. Most of the people are buying showers online because of how convinient it is. In the very same day shower in delivered you can assemble it and test it in the evening. Knowing you are saving on water costs and help environment will only make showering experience more relaxing and stressless.

You can even get a walk-in shower with seat. Here are all the parts a modern shower consist of.

walk in shower with seat

Walk-in Shower Designs

The reason why bathroom designers like to use walk-in shower is because of the various walk-in shower designs. Being small and with few parts it makes offers designers the flexibility other showers or bathtubs just can’t offer.

Walk-in shower enclosures come in many forms. The most popular are frameless enclosure designs because they give a minimalistic and modern look. You can also get creative with walk-in shower enclosure dimensions. Square and rectangular showers are most common, but you can also use neo angled shower enclosures for example.

Here at Showering World we give you the best insight into latest 2015 walk-in shower designs. We are monitoring the market for new designs as they come out and prepare best walk-in shower reviews to see what the designers have come up with.

Why walk-in shower intern designers are attached to this kind of shower is because it is small. Big shower often overshadow everything else you have in the bathroom. The first thing someone sees when walking into the bathroom is the shower. With step-in showers being significantly smaller all the bathroom comes into view and you can see how the design stands out. In addition, step-in showers are one of the most stylish pieces in the modern bathroom design and you will rarely see bathroom space being wasted on a big bathtub or shower with a tub.

If you are looking for a walk-in shower or tub for seniors, you can help yourself to the free brochure given away by Premier Care Bathing.

Do-It-Yourself Walk-in Shower Kits

Today you’ll find walk-in shower kit is very easily obtained. You can buy it at Amazon, Home Depot and DYI and install the shower yourself. Majority of showers come with a guarantee from the producer, in some cases even a 10 year guarantee, but if you have to make repairs yourself you will find it very easy. Walk-in shower kit enables you to quickly and effectively change the shower head or even the whole walk-in shower enclosure, be it frameless or with a frame. Drainage system can be a bit tricky. Calling a pumber is the best way to deal with drainage pipes but replacing a shower base is a fairly easy thing to do. You don’t need an engineering degree to check and repair a shower with shower kit.

Design Your Bathroom with Walk-in Shower in mind

Step-in shower is the showering experience of the future. As things now show, stressful lifestyle with little time and smaller budgets is slowly becoming more and more common. Luckily there is a brief showering experience available that will take your cares a way even just for a little bit.

Save $1000/year, create incredible bathroom design and help the environment in the future.

Share Your Showering Experience

Dear reader, you are most welcome to share your showering experience. Either you use walk-in shower or any other shower, give us some insight into the model of the shower you use. If you can remember the shower model please do include it in the comments.

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